Request please (just about anything you want to do)

i’m basically going to give you full reigns as to making me an avatar

i’d like something affiliated with one of the following characters…

Sentinel, Magneto, Spiderman, Strider, Shotos

Ryu, Dudley, Yun, Makoto, Remy

Blanka, Rolento, Ken

Chun Li, shotos, Blanka, Sagat, Cammy, Guile (all K groove)

Dizzy, Slayer, Bridget, Ky, Sol

Dhalsim, Guile, Gief

or something with a joke character (servbot, amingo, dan, etc)

anything using any of those characters, i’ll pretty much be cool with. try to get a red, black, or blue theme going.


i think i got an idea… give me a few

this request is to good to pass. im going to give it a try cham.

nothing personal but i called it…respect the rules of the board

i do not step in on the requests that you take so do not take the requests that i called.

cham i wouldn’t care if you came into requests i take and made the av. oh well, hopefully m1x4h wont like your av, then i can post the one i made.

i’m no going to start an agrument over this but you need to respect other taggers. There is no reason try and take requests that have already been called unless the origional tagger is ok with it. Had you asked, i probably wouldn’t have cared but after the comment here, i’m not OK with it.

Does anyone have a burning K groove image?

no one has done a burning k groove bar…


seth, if you want to do something for me… make me a banner…

same criteria, just a banner… 400 MAX width… 200 MAX height


haha john, y not make your own stuff?

no time… which is why i’m also not taking any requests at least until next semester

ok, i’ll give it a try.

here’s the av i made anyway.

thanks a bunch.