Request - Request for a extended TE Metroid template - Pic inside

Request for a extended TE Metroid template - Pic inside

Hello everyone,
I am fairly new here but so far this site full of helpful and very talented people. I came across this Metroid picture below and would love to use it for a full extended plexi glass from Arthong on my TE stick. If someone can make the template for me it would be very appreciated. Thanks for any help in advance.:smile:

I got this; Metroid is awesome, Orioto is awesome. :smiley: Do you just want it resized or do you want any text added to it?

EDIT: Before I send you the full res PSD file, would you prefer a bit of the image to be cropped out a bit to better fit the button/stick layout (option A) or have as much of the original art fit into the template (option B)?

A –

B –

Hey thank you soo much for the help. I am looking to have all of the artwork fit if possible bc I just love the pic.

Also I noticed you posted it for the SE stick i believe since I see 3 buttons in a row instead of 4 like on the TE stick.

Again it will be for a Madcatz Street Fighter Tournament Edition controller and extended plexi panel as well because I ordered the whole plexi from Arthong and just ditched the bezel. Thank so much again I really appreciate it.

If anyone can help me out with this I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance !!!

I recieved my buttons and stick today. Anybody think they can assist me and try to fit the whole picture for a Tournament edition stick for use with an extended plexi from Arthong. Thanks and I am really anxious to get this done so it would be a big help !!!

Sorry 'bout the delay.

Actually, the first draft I posted was the extended TE template… just the last 2 button circles were erased out. I had to wait till Art had his site up again to get the unmodified template.

This is the template with a bit cropped out:

This is the template with the full piece stretched to fit:

I don’t recommend you use the second one because the dust cover on your joystick will likely cover the majority of Samus’s head/upper body… And unless you have Seimitsu clears, all of the Metroids will be cut off in some fashion by your buttons. So you will get more of the environment details but lose out on the focal points of the piece, IMO.

Here’s the PSD:

Both versions are included in separate layers. Just let Art know whether you want the cropped or full version when you send it to him.

Hey thank you again for the help. I would really like to use the one with the full pic I was wondering if you think a clear dust cover will make it better. Its a shame that his head kinda gets in the way. I wish there was a way to move him to the left just a tad to get him in full view. I am going to use clear buttons for this stick so if I could get him away from the cover it would be AWESOME!!!

“Him”? :wtf: You realize Samus is a woman, yeah? :razz:

I did some clone tooling and managed to move her to the left so that should clear up the last issue. Hopefully this template’s all up to spec now:

Download it here.

Please let me know when you finish downloading the file (should be about 62 MB) so I can take it off of my webspace.

Haha yes I feel ashamed to have refered to her as “him”. Thank You sooo much for working that kink out for me , for real you are AWESOME!!! Thank YOU !!!

No problem man. Be sure to post up a pic once you get it printed and installed on the stick, I’d love to see it. :wink: