Request (simple): changing image color


I am trying to edit an image to send to a friend and I cannot figure out how to change the color of it. I would like Iron Man to be a solid blue outline with the light in the middle of his chest and eyes to be light blue or white with a hint of blue. Is that possible? If you could remove the crown from the image that would be great as well. You do not need to change the dimensions or add anything else. Thank you so much!


You may actually be able to keep the color in the middle of his chest since it seems it would match the color theme I am requesting.


I don’t normally do requests especially for people who’ve just signed up to the forum but you’ve caught me in a good mood + it only took 2 minutes to do. Also just saying make it blue isn’t all that helpful so I’ve done two blue versions

If you have photoshop just press Ctrl+U to bring up the colour changer


Nice stuff F1!