Request - specific OLDSCHOOL footage

I was hoping anyone had links to the following footage, or could kindly upload it onto YouTube…

  • any footage of Tomo Ohira playing back in his day

  • any high level footage of SSF2T from the mid 90’s, especially tournament footage (I wanna see SF when it was at its wildest)

  • any high level Killer Instinct footage from the 90’s, especially from XBAND, the arcades, or tournaments

Trust me, I’ve been looking here and on YouTube and all over the internet for this kind of footage for a very long time, and NO FREAKIN’ LUCK!!! :shake: Help me out guys!

…and MrWizard, you should REALLY upload those VHS tapes with the XBAND KI footage onto YouTube sometime, for the sake of mass-nostalgia. Even recording it with a digicam would be greatly appreciated by many as long as we can clearly tell what’s going on in the video.

Thanks to anyone who can help out. :bgrin:

i would love to see some killer instinct battles!

This playlist contains high level KI fights, however they’re all relatively recent footage (played on I am hoping that someday someone will upload some high level footage of people playing on XBAND, since YouTube apparently has none of that so far. Once I get hold of such oldschool footage, I will feature it in my playlist along with the Zbattle footage.