Request: Stick Art

Looking for someone with some creativity and freetime to help mix me a stick art im going to use. With the inspiration of one of Finkles stick, I wanted to make something simple yet nice lookin one for mine. Heres his pic.

Now my request is to not copy but duplicate the effect he used, by having the pic of Makoto and using the ribbon and the random stuff in the background to match the buttons. Im going for the white/red theme so it’d be cool if you can do that. Heres my pic.

Oh and a text with iCoN (exactly how its spelled) with a red stroke on it would be dope.

Thanks for your time

i’d do it for money… i think we’ve gotten spoiled since there’s people that have paid for stick are in particular.

I could maybe mess around with it, but you gotta give me a template…

Hmm I dunno bout money :confused: But heres the template

thing is… people have posted threads… “will pay for stick art”… so most of hte good artists here will only do for money now… we’ve been spoiled.

In that case, how much for something really good that would be in the same (bad) taste as my avatar? Stick art to put on a dreamcast stick.

Erm ok can someone give me some indication of what a decent payment would be then I’ll just make an open offer which anyone can accept?

going price is typically from $10-30… make a new thread about it instead of invading this one.

you kicking me out??

Fine… :sad:

Anyone can do this for free? It doesnt necessarily be the best.

mechanica already said he would…
harmonaz: yes, i am kicking you out.