Request stupid avs

…and ill try to make them.

The more retarded the better. No serious requests plz.

Terry: Hey Mai.

Mai: Hey Terry.

Terry: Are you ok?

Mai: Yeah I’m fine. Why? What’s u–

Terry: BUSTTAA—, wait, you’re fine?

Mai: Yeah I’m good.

Terry: Oh, never mind then, see ya.

Mai: ???


The end.



Wow, that has gotta be one of the funniest avs I’ve seen in awhile.

err hasn’t this been done?

in here? No. in alternate universe 77 section 5? over 8 billion times.

how about this…make an animation like your going to type (if you can) then you get cable do a ahvb then this shows up theeeen this pic at the end

should also say fuckachunkz at the end

is that random enough?

go work your magic son

i want a tractor to run over urien(with a devo hat on) and flames and stuff and hk-47 riding the tractor.

damnit, i can’t get the link. i woulda liked an stupid av of a vid. type in “magic show” it’ll be the first vid. it’s hilarious, it’s got stupid goofy hilariously funny shit all the way through it. if you can rip it, you can get a bunch of goodness.\

if you can get it done… i’d like it where the dudes are dancing w/ the balloon faces… or when he’s break dancing to “beverly hills cop” theme song.

sakura wearing a khaki suit throwing up gang signs with a red bandana or a blue bandana and crip walking either or

Fuckin awesome.

Hell yes for Giygas.


(I should have asked to put in something for the explosion, like BA-GOOOOOM or something equally stupid.)


i want one of a rolling egg?

Stephen Colbert squeezes Osama Bin Laden’s head til his brains pop out the top (think Popeye squeezing a can of spinach). They arc through the air and into his mouth. He chews, swallows, and gets powered up. He then smacks Duck King in the face with his gigantic wang and shouts “CHIMICHANGAS ARE COOL AGAIN!” before flipping a cowboy hat onto his head and riding Dick Cheney off into the sunset.


EDIT: Oh and MrWizard owes me a favor, so you can make it over the standard 50k (let’s say up to 500k?) if you need the space. Just keep it 160 x 100.

darkgiygas, i was wondering if u could make this pic kinda like urs. just a lil sprite sorta of senttinel’s stance. i would like the same as yours basically just have it say SENT with black background. I’d really appreciate if u could get this done for me.

and if u can, could u change the color of sent? that would be great and i would totally appreciate it thx!

What’s the number for the sprite where Gouki is falling from a sweep during his dash? I downloaded the Akuma pack from Zweifuss’s site and can’t find it.


sorry guys…DG likes to make 1-3 avs then never looks at the request thread again.
LOL this should be common knowledge by now

uh heres the ones ive done so far

i dont think that cable hyper beam one will fit

btw thats a westside hand in the sakura one

So DG can hurry up and get to mine: