Request: Template for Hori V3 Fighting Stick


Hi guys,

I’ve searched pretty hard for this template, since I want to mod my new stick but all links related to this file (PSD) are dead. Most I could find was this JPG ( which is not even real size. Also, I’ve tried to reach blklightning21 because all discussions talked about his awesome customization skills but the website is dead now and I would be interested in getting a plexiglass for my stick.

Anyone can help me with this?



blklightning21 is no longer offering services.

I am assuming you speaking of the Fighting Stick V3 and not the Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA or the Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA Kai.


I don’t know if you’ve dug around inside the actual Fighting Stick VX/V3 thread:

There should probably be a template in there somewhere.

Onto the topic of the plexi, I really doubt you’ll find anyone who’ll do that for you, honestly. You can always do like me and cut your own, though.
blklighting21 did offer it back then, but he’s been MIA for a couple of years now.


I thought blklightning was a military reservist and got called back for active duty…
He always seemed like a good guy to me; he just got caught in the middle of things and might have been a bit over-committed through no fault of his own.
At least that’s the story I’ve heard.

As far as the non-HRAP and non-TE fight sticks, you’re pretty much on your own.

Services at most parts vendors and plexi providers are aimed at higher-end and newer production pro-level joysticks. There are always things like dustwashers and ballhandles that aren’t dependent on your faceplate area but to be worth their while the plexi/parts vendors have to be looking at who’s going to be using their services more and that means targeting those stick designs which lend themselves to modifications.

I underlined that last part because it’s not all about who can afford to pay for things. I’m sorry and I never intended to come off snotty about that! There is a practical side to this. Not all joystick designs are great candidates for practical modification. With the exception of the Mad Catz TE and SE joysticks and the bulk of Hori HRAP’s, most joystick cases have not been designed in mind for alternative parts installations let alone servicing and replacing original worn-out parts.

Nobody was able to make a workable plexi cover for the Mad Catz SE/Brawl/TvC Fight Sticks because of the incline built into the faceplate area of that joystick – and by the looks of things, the Mad Catz SE was a more popular stick design than the Hori Fight Stick ever was. The Mad Catz SE was just more available and designed to be easily upgradeable (unlike the Hori FS which was strictly a budget joystick). Plexi and the alternative clear plastics just couldn’t be molded into that inclined shape and NOT break. Older stick designs for the most part aren’t worth supporting because there aren’t as many of them out there as there are Mad Catz TE’s and newer Hori HRAP’s.

The problem with the Hori Fight Sticks is the pain of modding those joysticks. They weren’t made to be easily upgradeable and you have to take apart and permanently modify sections of the joystick to be able to fit better parts in let alone remove the metal faceplate. There was never going to be a huge market for the Hori Fight Stick plexi based on the level of work people had to do to fit in newer parts or remove the existing ones just to fit in a plexi. The stock Hori buttons have always been soldered into the Hori Fight Stick PCB except for a very few special edition versions of the Fight Stick you had to import from Japan. (At the import prices being asked for, you might as well bite the bullet and buy a domestically-available Mad Catz TE or full-up Hori HRAP. It’s the same cost or cheaper than importing a special-edition Hori Fight Stick like the Persona 4 Fight Stick or the Hori Fight Stick N3 SA.) You mention the words “soldering” or “soldered” and its scares away over half the potential modders on Tech Talk. People just do not like having to use soldering irons or hiring other people to desolder/solder new parts for them. SRK is a very BROKE crowd of people and individuals mostly unwilling to learn new manual skills Tech Talk not withstanding…


Turns out I actually still have blklighting21’s artwork template for the stock Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3 from almost exactly 2 years ago (the timestamp on my file says April 7th 2012).

Gimme a bit, and I’ll see about uploading it somewhere.


Great that somebody has the old artwork template BUT if he has to remove the buttons from the PCB first – well, that’s a LOT of work – on top of having to cut Lexan or whatever else he decides to make a plexi cover from.
I know the Fight Stick is Hori’s budget joystick line but it’s one of the least convenient joystick lines out there for modding just because of the cheaper, OEM, soldered-into-PCB buttons.
Holes in a plexi CAN be cut bigger than the pushbutton rims themselves (I think Mad Catz did this for the Round 2 TE’s introduced with the XBox One last year) but you still have to remove the sticker art just to get to the screws that hold the faceplate on the joystick case.
The original sticker art on the Fight Stick will be destroyed in the process. That much hasn’t changed since the older style Hori Fight Sticks introduced during the PS2 era… Hori did the same thing on the HRAP V3/VX cases and it’s one of my last favorite parts of that joystick. There are plexi solutions for the HRAP V3 now but unfortunately you end up destroying the original artwork any way you slice it.


Yup! That’s the one.


Thanks for the link, but I did browse the thread. That’s where I got the JPG from. Thanks a lot for getting a hold of the template. I can PM my email to you if that’s ok.



I agree with you on the fact that it’s not the most convenient for modding, but this is my first stick experience (I bought to test if I’d get used to it) since my arcade days and I love it. So, I’m not going “pro” anytime soon. That being said; people will always find a way to make cool stuff with literally ANYTHING: e.g.

Thanks for the help and advice.