Request: Terry's Moves?

Hi guys!

I am a Terry Bogard cosplayer and am participating in a human chess event at Kumoricon 2007. I was hoping I could get everyone to collaborate and help me out with a list of all the special attacks Terry has, so I can have a little arsenal ready when I take a piece!

Please list the move and what it does. If you have a video link, even better! Thanks!!


Wait wait… you are cosplaying Terry and you dont know his moves? :looney:


Are you okay?

R U Ok? Bustah Wolf!

Please grant us a video recording of yourself performing a Rising Tackle.

Then we’ll talk.

The derelict - Terry Bogard sticks his head between his legs and licks his own ass. It can be done on the ground or in the air.

Are You Okay!!! <-- it require at least 3 exclamation points. he’s emphatic!

It would have been funnier if you used his actual move “Crack Shot” instead.

but seriously… here’s a list to get you started.

Power Wave
Round Wave
Burning Knuckle
Rising Tackle
Crack Shot
Power Dunk
Power Charge
Power Geyser
High-Angled Geyser
Buster Wolf

Oh and you also have to use the Southtown slang like Terry…

Powah Geyyyyyzaaaaaaaaaa!

Here, this should help…

(i just plugged Terry Bogard Moves into google)

Fire Kick KOF98 EX Terry special
Power Stream KOF2003/XI LDM
Rising Beat SVC Exceed
Overheat Geyser FF3, RB1/2/S P-Power, KOF SDM

Holy crap, that is funny!

Yeah, this is a must-read for anyone hoping to get somewhere close to Terriness.

But you don’t know Terry’s moves? Get off this forum.

lol thats funny as hell

You know what, I gotta admit this. I was bored last summer, and made Terry’s Garou jacket. It’s actually pretty nice.

Back on subject. WTF
You don’t know Terry’s moves.

You rented CvS2 yesterday from Blockbuster video right?


R U 0K!??!? BUHHHHST WUUUULFFFFF!!! : Terry angrily throws a wolf at his opponent to bite them into oblivion. It’s clearly his most effective move, as it inflicts major damage from all the wolf bites

that wiki is some funny shit… just about everything said about Michael Jackson was true. That Sagat SNK-groove pic that makes him look like the Hulk is priceless :rofl:!