Request to Delete Thread

Hey guys,
Like the title states, I’m selling my Hori Fighting Commander 3 pad and some FFVIII Triple Triad cards.

Hori Fighting Commander 3:
Condition: NEW
Price: $36 Shipped (Have to put it in a USPS medium flat rate box)


[SIZE=18px]Final Fantasy VIII Triple Triad Edea (G-108) and Eden (G-99)[/SIZE]
Card(s) condition: Great
Price: $35 (shipped)


Everything 4 36 Shipped?

No, Just the Hori Fight Commander 3 is $36 Shipped.
The prices are listed above the other items.

catherine hmmmmm.

She’s waiting for a king to claim her!

Update: Price of Triple Triad cards have been lowered.

HAHAHAHAH you sir win my Internets for the day.

Hahahaha, Nice.

UPDATED: Price of Triple Triads cards have been dropped to $35 Shipped.