Request: UMvC3 advice

I am pretty new to the fighting game scene. (Asides from playing casual button mashing) I want to learn more advance techniques so I can enjoy the game more. Currently my team is Amaterasu (Cold Star)/Dante (Weasel Shot) /Ryu (Hadouken). I do enjoy other characters like Zero, Felicia, C. Viper, and Strider. (I do not use them because I am pretty terrible at them)

A few questions.

  1. I have a problem executing BnB combos. Either I put inputs too fast (Button mashing) or too slow. Any advice on how to improve timing for these? Also are there videos where they show inputs?

  2. I picked this team because I like these characters but I would like to know how the synergy is with my team. Is there a better line up than what I have now? What assists should be used? I am also open to other team builds.

  3. I currently do not know any of the OTG/Wall Bounce moves or when to use them. Could someone show me an example?

  4. I know a little about hit decay but would like to know more. How many times can I hit an enemy character with my current character before the hit decay is maxed out and the air combo stops? Does TAC help extend these combos and reset the hit decay? If it does, how many more hits can I get in before I have to do my last TAC?

  5. I have seen a lot of professional players do XFCs and then continue their combo. They make it look easy. Is this something I should learn after I get my BnB combo execution down or should I learn to do XFCs while learning BnB combos?

  6. When you grab someone can that start combos? Is it only with specific character’s grabs? Does it matter between an air grab and a ground grab?

  7. I keep forgetting about super jumps/advancing guards and smaller techniques like those. Which ones should I keep practicing/prioritize over others? Or should I learn them all and just keep them in mind.

Thank you for taking to time for responding/reading. If someone does respond please put a number in front of you response according to the number, so I know which of my questions is being responded too/answered.

Hmm for your BnB input timing, I learned my timing (I play Morrigan, her loops are rendonkulous online) by taking after others, I examined combo videos, etc. And sometimes, you can post the problem with the combo here, and some people may be helpful. As for your team synergy, I can’t answer that, I am certainly by no means a Chris G (Referring to the fact he plays a myriad of characters), For OTGs, you should know that Dante has a hefty move-list, and a few of those are good OTGs, as for the other characters, I never used 'em, so I wouldn’t know. For your hit-decay question, moves scale heavily in this game, but as I said, I am no pro, so I cannot answer this reliably. The XF thing? Really easy, if you need to practice it, feel free to, but it really isn’t neccessary to practice, just remember, in XF, your movement speed increases, so remember, after XF’ing in the middle of the combo, you won’t have the same timing as before, especially in lvl 3. As for you grab question, one of Dante’s assists is an OTG, so off a grab, you can do the OTG assist, then drop a quick combo. As for number 7, always keep your options open, and never put one in front of the other, everything can be helpful.

And sorry, I didn’t number the answers, but I did specify what I was answering. Good Luck. Oh, and don’t give up either, people will be bums, people will abuse armor on moves, and people will spam, once you get better, it will all seem like the frauds are just that, frauds.

I will try my best with this:

  1. I would try and break the BnBs down into chunks so then you can practice certain spots, and then when you have those down then put it all together. As for Videos pertaining to these, I would check the forums that are specific to the characters and either ask in the Character discussion thread or check the video thread for some advice.

  2. Stick with the team. It looks like it works in the order you have it but I would maybe try switching the spots of Ammy and Ryu.

  3. Dante has a chunk of OTG moves but the most used ones are diagonal down. HH (Two hard presses) then there is another follow up move to the. Dante’s Volcano special OTGs and if you press M right after that you get another follow up. Ryu’s has a Wall bounce move that you can combo with and it is RDP.H. He does a powerful straight kick. Ammy also has some OTG moves in the Glaive weapon, but comboing into and with those moves are kind of hard to do (the links are kind of tight.

  4. I don’t know much about Hit Decay. I do know that TACs do not reset the Hit Decay. Also, assists attribute to the Hit Decay unlike Vanilla. The amount of hits does depend on the character that you are using (I think)

  5. XFC isn’t that hard, most of the time they use it to when the hit confirm into a BnB. One thing to practice is if you do a hyper, like Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken, try XFC into another Shinku Hadoken (or doing Dante’s Gun Hyper into another Gun Hyper). That is where I learned how to do XFCs.

  6. As for Air and Ground throws, it depends on the character or assists. If your character has an OTG move (like Dante) he can pick up a combo off of the air throw. Same goes if you have an assist that OTGs (None of the characters in the team have an OTG assist that seem usable) if it is quick enough you can pick up a combo. Some characters can air throw into a hyper (Ammy can and I think Ryu can also).

  7. Practice Advance Guard. It can and will safe your life. Keeps off the pressure and reduces chip damage. As for Super Jumping, that will come with time if you do it every now and then.

Hopefully that helps in your adventure.

Practice more. Be relaxed but focused when practicing.

Dude there’s tons of videos on youtube you can find for every character in the SRK Marvel sub-forums.

Ryu is a pretty bad anchor and you have 2 pinning assists. Ammy doesn’t really need assists on point as far as I know and she doesn’t have a teleport or good crossups to take advantage of weasel shot. Why did you put Ammy and Dante together? I don’t see the synergy. Can you even DHC from ammy to Dante? That’s essential.

Oh wow. Dante’s combos are garbage and inconsistent without OTGs, ground bounces, and wall bounces.

Ryu’s only OTG is downwards air shinku hadouken. His wallbounce is the donkey kick, DP+K. It’s essential to his better combos.

Dante’s OTGs: cold shower (df.:h::h:), volcano (dp+:m:), Rain storm (mash :h: in air), twister (dp+:l:), crystal (qcf+:m:), and million carats ( :m: during crystal). In terms of usefulness in combos as OTGs, df.:h: is the most important because of its extensions to prop shredder (hit :s:) and stinger (hit f.:h:). Volcano is the second most important because volcano xx beehive (hit :m: during volcano) ground bounces. It also allows you to connect a super from a hard knockdown even if your ground bounce is already used up if you cancel Beehive before the last hit.

Dante’s hard knockdowns (can OTG after): The hammer (qcf :l: :l: in air), j.:s:, and Devil Must Die (level 3)

Dante’s soft knockdowns (cannot OTG, must juggle): Acid rain downwards shots, some more but they don’t matter

Dante’s spinning knockdowns (basically a different animation of soft knockdown): dp+:s: in air in Devil Trigger, Million Carats

The unfortunate answer is that it really depends. On how fast that character’s moves are, how much hitstun they do, and individual moves affect hitstun more than others. I know with Wesker, doing a launcher combo causes more decay with the same number of hits than a ground combo.

I think you’re misunderstanding. TACs completely reset damage scaling as long as the incoming point character is in the air. This allows combos that are completely impossible otherwise - with Dante in the corner you can do j.:m: xx j.:h: xx air play, j.:m: xx double jump j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: (even off a raw launcher with Dante on point, they would fall out at the j.:s:). Once your character hits the ground, all that hitstun decay comes back immediately. So basically, when you do a TAC, you can usually connect j.:h: j.:s:. with any character and then OTG xx super (with Ryu I would just do j.:h: xx tatsu xx super.). However, TACs do not allow you to ‘extend’ combos beyond a few extra hits unless the incoming character can do something the previous character couldn’t (Dante has trouble comboing into super or a hard knockdown in an air combo after 14 or so hits, so often people either avoid using launcher combos at the end or they TAC him out to a character that can finish the combo.)

You should learn BnBs first. Once you understand how hitstun decay works better and when xfactor cancels lead to more combo opportunities, you can mess w/ xfactor cancel combos.


No, you can usually combo off any grab with the right assist if you call it before. Dante can combo off his normal grab if he calls Sentinel drones right before.


Super jumps are for getting high in the air, either to run away, escape the corner, harass with projectiles, or reset the situation.

Advancing Guard aka pushblocking is crucial to this game. It reduces chip damage, prevents some left/right mixups from working, resets the situation to prevent people from blockstringing you to death, and can be used to push your opponent into your assist or projectile while you’re blocking. However, advancing guard does not push back the point character when you pushblock an assist’s attack. That’s why most people use offensive assists to lock down an opponent, so they can’t just pushblock to get away.

Thanks for all the advice guys. It has helped me make the time put in the training room more effective.

Thanks for the motivation! I think I will need a little more time in the Training Room before I hit online matches. I really haven’t gotten the basic mechanics down yet.

The advice for remembering parts of a BnB combo really helped. Even if I can’t execute them perfectly yet, I am memorizing the movements for each section that I broke it down too. Thanks!

I switched up my team a little bit. Dante (Crystal)/Ryu (Tatsu)/Strider (Vajra) or Ryu (Tatsu)/ Dante (Crystal)/Strider (Vajra). Ammy DHCing into Dante is pretty much a waste of a bar. I tried to do Mist => Devil Trigger but it just wasn’t effective overall. I might go back to that team later once I can execute on Dante better. Thanks for the insight! It was really helpful since I didn’t really think about how okami shuffle would synergize with any of dante’s hypers.

I kinda good for it on the combo side of things. Off the jump, I can tell you that ryu isn’t a very good anchor. But you know what, this thread is about helping YOU. So, if you are really new to this, and really want to learn, I will do you a favor.
Take a long look at the character select screen and choose the characters that FEEL smooth to you. A lot of people pick characters they LIKE and that gets them blown up.
Pick your order, pick your assist, make sure you a certain…then let me know.
I will make a tiny video with online capable combos and submit it to this thread…If you dont know who I am, trust me, I’m good for it.
Also…IMO, dante and ryu arent beginner friendly. They require backward dp’s, and double fireballs.

I did replace Ammy for strider just because I wasn’t good with her weapon swaps even in training room. It would take me around 4 tries to switch to a weapon. UMvC3 Strider plays similar to MvC2 Strider so the learning curve for him won’t be too tough. I actually do enjoy Ryu because I do play casual SSF4AE2012 so DPs are no problem I just have to train it doing it while facing left. Facing left is a huge weak point of mine and I would like to change it. I have also heard that Dante has a huge learning curve but I do enjoy playing him. I did come up with a few teams in the order where I had a better success chance at beating my roommate (Ironman/Dante/Sentinel). Just pick the one that would most benefit me in learning the game overall.

Ryu (Tatsu)/ Dante (Crystal)/Strider (Vajra)

  • Feels the most natural to me
  • I love XF3 Strider and/or Ourobouros : )

C.Viper (Seismic Hammer)/Dr.Doom (Plasma Beam)/Wesker (Samurai Edge)

  • This is a fresh team if you have any suggestions, let me know.
  • I feel like this team would be really strong if I can execute.

Captain America (Charging Star)/Super Skrull (Stone Smite)/Akuma (Tatsu)

  • This is a fresh team if you have any suggestions, let me know.
  • Currently still learning the smaller basic combos/moves.

If you have any suggestions for characters that are more “newb friendly” let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ammy (Cold Star)/Ryu (Tatsu)/Strider (Vajra) is my current experiment now.

Any suggestions/tips for character order/assists?

Put ryu on point. Then ammy, then strider. Your assists are fine.
Add me on xbl and I’ll run you a few with different teams to give you matchup experience. XBL: wolverine masta

I think you should take a moment and go to youtube and look up FingerCramp’s Baby Guide to UMvC3 by FC Jago. It covers a good bit of the questions you asked and is good for beginners to learn more.

Nice attitude there buddy.

I’m currently busy with the semester’s first few exams so I won’t be focused on the training room for a while, but I will add you when I get the time. Could I shoot you a message when I am free to learn a few things? Is there any other characters I could use to replace Ryu? I have a hard time getting in without using a massive amount of assists.

The baby guide was really good. Didn’t know that some animation’s hit boxes are really not what it seems.

Did you play mvc2? If so, who did you use?

In my casual arcade play I picked the characters I really enjoyed which were ryu/jin/strider.

EDIT: Was relaxing a bit in the training room. I ran Ammy/???/Strider.

I filled in the ??? with Doom/Wesker/C.Viper/Magneto

Next will try out Trish/Zero for my next replacements.

I had a little trouble with the execution with Doom and Wesker. Viper I pretty much played her like I did in SSF4AE a bunch of small thunder knuckles some sieso spams some burning kicks. Magneto I really liked but do you need to be good at air dash cancels to play him on a higher level? That is it for now. Opinions on Trish as well please. I haven’t tried her out in my experiments yet but she seems to look like a decent 2nd.

Trish is really easy to play an one of the most annoying characters to fight against in the game. She’s very good at running away and out-zoning opponents.

Viper takes a ton of execution and a lot of practice to play properly, she has a huge amount of incredibly good tools, but it really takes a while before you understand how to best use all of it in any given match. Once you do learn her, she has some of the scariest rush down in the game. You probably want her on point and want to base your entire team on her if you play her.

Doom is similar to Viper (though not as hard), it really takes a while before you get used to playing him and are able to use him properly. He’s also extremely good once you figure him out. He has the advantage of being one of the few characters good at both zoning and rush down and able use them interchangeably at will, which is a really nice advantage in this game. He can generally fit in any team and in any position and doesn’t really require any special help - usually he’s the one helping other characters out.

Wesker is extremely easy to play, you probably just need to get used to how he works. He doesn’t really have anything very hard execution-wise even at high level. He’s usually used either on point as a battery for meter heavy characters like Dormammu, or third as an OTG assist for characters that like having one like Spider-Man and as a Lv3 XF anchor. He’s one of the scariest characters in the game with XF2 or 3.

Try to refrain from giving people this type of advice. You should NEVER, EVER base a team on one character. My IronFist combo will take her out easy, then what?
Your 3 characters should be able to hold their own in any order. Spend some real time in the lab and all your characters will be very strong on OFFENSE and DEFENSE, trust me.

some characters like Jill and Viper are a lot more powerful with teams built around them on point, but yes, all 3 members of your team should have synergy. I like my teams to have DHC and assist synergy all around, like in Marvel 2. people these days tend to tack on Wesker at anchor position and they’ll be like “oh hey, Wesker’s cheap and is a free OTG… yeah that’s good enough synergy for me” with two other random point characters. it works if you’re good but that’s just not how the game is meant to be played IMO.

this is totally wrong, fyi

a lot of characters need a team tailored to them for them to work. of course you need to know how to use the other two, but to say you shouldnt do it because you can kill their point char in one combo in umvc3 of all games is silly. your gameplan with someone like viper is to run a train on their whole team, if you lose her then you’re going to be crippled. thats the way the game works

you should never base your entire strategy on “what if my point dies”, because its fucking marvel, one stray hit and your whole team is dead anyways

You people really take shit out of proportion sometimes. So your OPINION is the one that matters? Dont even answer that. You must be godlike.