Request: Vector of a Sanwa Joystick


Can anyone do a cool Vectorized Sanwa Joystick, and keep the BG transparent?

I’d like to make a logo. Thanks!


Anybody :wink:


Show me this…Sanwa.


Any dude, stock image of Lizardlick anything you like. Big Pockets did it before, but his was a draft. Ill look for the details a bit later, but I was looking for basically a profile view of a Sanwa Joystick :).

Heck worse comes to worse I can take a picture of it hehe :wink:


not sure how much detail you wanted. (high res yay!)


wat the hell! p-p-p-p-p-p-page breaker!! :rofl:


That puts my stick to shame.

[UH OH!]


A chick with a bigger stick. How unfortunate.


Unfortunate, indeed.

This chick with a stick.


Both awesome, damn +win ;), I can use both, feel free to make buttons, harnesss’es etc too hahahahah :slight_smile: Thanks!



I am going to stick my size 13 shoe up your ASS!

But if you need buttons, I’ll help. Get on AIM, homebread.


Lol I wear size 12 :arazz:, although I just got this new Asics, and lol 11 1/2 fits better, go figure.

Went on aim, didnt see ya dude, Ill catch you tomorrow or later, don’t feel obligated to do this, I don’t need it for now, I wasn’t expecting anyone to respond for a while hehe. Thanks though for both of you :wink: