Request - Viewlix (6 button) artwork for TE full panel [template included-fix lol]

looking for a viewlix 6 button layout artwork for a full panel!
please help :slight_smile:

something like this but without the 7th button

also i think art had the VIEWLIX and TAITO printed on the plexi, i would like it on the artwork. anyone?

here is an 8 button layout i found for full panel… cant make it 6 :frowning:
(this can also be used as the template)

**edit again
i found an 6 button artwork and I was wondering if anyone can extend this to full panel…
here is the link

sorry i forgot the link before;;;

I linked to you the 6-Button Vewlix that mdsfx made.
But you ignored my Post.

I linked it to you because it the exact same as Seth Powell’s 6-Button Vewlix.
But mdsfx’s doesn’t have the black stuff, so easier to extend making.
And mdsfx’s has both Vewlix and Taito.

Minor difference between mdsfx and Seth Powell is that mdsfx’s is a bit brighter.
And the Vewlix wording is in white, instead of gray like Seth Powell.

mdsfx’s is better too.
Because when printing out, there is not supposed to be and Button Holes or Border.
Those are only there for reference, so when printing, they should be gone.
But Seth Powell leave them on, so that is bad.

mdsfx actually modified Seth Powell’s Vewlix for Normal TE.
Fixed it by getting rid of the stupid black stuff.

Unfortunately, the size of 4042 x 2542 is not big enough for a Full TE.
The dimension for Full TE is 4157 x 2655.
So close was mdsfx. :shake:

It so easy to edit mdsfx’s Vewlix to be size good for Full TE.
So easy, that I, who have no skill in image editing, did it in five minutes using MS Paint.

I extended 6-Button Vewlix of mdsfx to be 4314 x 2755.
That is the size of arthong’s Bleed Area for the Full TE.

[Link removed since you not checking this Thread.]