Request : Want all funny rockefeller commentary matches


I am kind of hooked on all the funny commentary that rockefeller makes for 3s and mvc2 right now. Please link me to youtube matches or other places that has him.

So far my favorite is [media=youtube]k7QaOIvV4q4[/media]

game 1 through 5 of Amir vs BBhood

and also [media=youtube]LAus6r3JY2c[/media]

that’s amir vs ken i

edit : dog-face commentary is great as well, sorry i didn’t put his name in the first time


uh, the first one didn’t sound like rockefeller. At least not for most of it.


Amir vs BBHood was dog face


oops forgot to put him in there, i just typed rockefeller cause the last thing i watched was the amir ken i match


Vic is boom!


Double chili fries has to be the most memorable 3s moment outside of the Daigo parry :rofl:


Was the sauce hot when you stuck your dick in it? :lol: Come back Rockefeller!


FFA commentators are too good.


there’s already a rockefeller thread


that’s more of a wanting rockefeller to come back to 3s thread, at least if we’re talking about the rockefeller appreciation thread

i was hoping this one would have more links to good commentary games


[media=youtube]wOKWaOYjARc[/media] :tup: :rofl: