Hello all:

I was wondering if any one could manipulate a picture for me

By making that into a ScarFace type of theme, you know the whole black and white style.

I know it’s probably a hard task, so I doubt if any one could really do it. But I hope there are some photoshop gurus out there that could handle it. I would greatly appreciate it IF you could make it to these specifications it would be pretty darn cool…with the image in the middle of course


                 10" 1/2 inches

If you can do this, the only thing I can do is bust out a Rep, I would like this for a stick I’m working on.

If you can, save it as a photoshop file. Thanks for who ever reads this and replies.



kind of like this?



Thats exactly what I meant, Oh man. That is too good - too good indeed

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it beyond all measures



yea uh, i have the 36mb PSD file here (that pic was just shrunk, this one is at 300dpi) ill upload it and post the link. do you want Ramon on it anywhere in the scarface font or something?



Yeah, putting the name of ‘Ramon’ (which is my real name and the characters name…eerie) on the bottom Left hand corner and then on the right hand bottom corner, go ahead and put ‘Latino Heat’. Would be pretty generous. I would put them in the top right and left corners, but there is no room thanks to the stick and buttons. So I’ll deal with the bottom left and right hand corners.

Once again, thanks so much for your help!



there ya go



Once again, thanks so much!