So I talked with my local library and theyre allowing me to put on a fight night every other thursday for 3 hours where I’ll bring my 360 and set up a different fighting game every other week, to get more kids coming into the library more frequently, and for me, to get more people into these games as well, since I have no one to play with in my area. The only problem is that I only have my stick to bring. I didn’t even think of this until after the fact and the library won’t spring for a second and I don’t have the money myself to put up, so what I’m asking is, does anyone have an old stick they don’t use anymore that they would be willing to donate? Maybe you upgraded or just have a bunch and there’s one you never use. It doesn’t matter if it’s old or beat up, or low quality, as long as it works it would be great.

It starts in two weeks and I’m probably going to have to use a pad as controller 2 for a bit, but I know that a big part of drawing kids/people to come is allowing them to play on an actual arcade stick. Some of them im sure will already have the game at home and are content with playing online, so it’s trying to revive a bit of the arcade atmosphere, giving them the chance to play differently than they would at home on pad. The majority of people who are going to come will be complete noobs and since playing on stick is way more fun, having two instead of just mine to use is really important. I really want this to be a hit so if anybody is willing to donate, please comment or PM me. We’re located in south jersey.


I would totally have helped you a few weeks ago. After seeing a story about Patrick Collins donating a stick to a kid in his local community before he died I was inspired to do the same and found a local kid to donate an SE to. Unfortunately, I don’t have any extras at the moment or I would gladly work something out with you. Good look on your fight night. I’m always glad to see people trying to grow the community.

Edit: As a side note, the fund raiser for Patrick Collins is still going. Every $10 gets you an entry to a raffle for various goods from around the FGC. If anyone’s interested…—>


Good stuff. It was pretty cool of him to do that and pretty cool of you to be inspired by it. Thanks for the kind words.






Honestly, I would go to Regional Matchmaking and look up local players in South Jersey to hook up with. If you’re serious about this, then you can get other locals together, and you share all y’alls sticks for this event.

If not, you’re going to be viewed as a scam artist trying to get a free stick. Don’t work like that. You can try the Trading Outlet section if you’re eligible to post in the WTB section.


I don’t care if someone thinks I’m a scam artist trying to get a stick. I’d like to think im fairly known on these boards and on Xbox live as to where that shouldn’t be a concern. I get your point tho, but if someone wants to go all conspiracy theory, they can be my guest.

The issue with going to the match making forum and trying to get people to come out is that they would need to have a library card in order to participate, and the only way to do that is to live in town and have two pieces of mail, ID, etc… or go to school here to get one. On top of that, it’s not a tournament atmosphere. It’s gonna be me tryin to get noobs and random kids into the genre with baby steps while the library looks at it as gettin kids around the books in the hopes that they’ll grab something before they leave. We’ll be lucky if even 15 kids show up per week. It could be a hit or it could last 2 weeks and get shut down.

Im not twisting anyone’s arm to donate, Im just making a request in the name of what I think is an all around decent idea. I’m not asking anyone to buy a stick or anything like that, just if someone has an old one they aren’t getting use out of thats only collecting dust, I think it would be decent to let me use it. What would be lost? And if you don’t want to, dont. The fight night will go on with a pad if need be, no problem. I just thought having two sticks would be way better. Even if someone comes that knows the game and has a stick, I doubt they’ll want a bunch of kids and random noobs jerking it around all night and i doubt theyll allow that every other week. That’s why I was asking for a beater specifically. But you never know, that’d be great.

It’s all good though, if no one comes through I’m just gonna put a little donation cup on the main desk and hope to get a cheapo stick soon enough.


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Try harder…

I been here on this forum a lot longer than you have, my name is stuck on several sticked threads and I still do not think I am that well known.

12 year olds. No one here cares about how popular you are on Xbox Live.

If you want to be taken seriously, acting all entitled in the completely wrong board is the wrong way (tech talk has nothing to do with tournament organization).
If you wanted to be taken seriously as a local toruney organizer, you need to do what @eltrouble suggest and get more involved in your local scene. The other is capital.
It does not matter how well you play, but how well you reach out to others and make them feel welcomed.
And if you only have 1 stick and 1 console you aren’t going to support 15 easily bored kids.

Then you don’t understand teen gamers, they make taking a piss a competition.


I think @eltrouble is right, hook up with some other local players… Thats why it’s called the Fighting Game COMMUNITY.


You guys have completely missed the point of what I’m trying to, and am allowed to do with this. And ive been on this board longer than a year. My user name was the comeback kid but I moved and forgot the password and had to make a new user name. if you didn’t wanna help out that’s cool, but coming in here an being negative about every possible thing isn’t necessary.


But we’re not telling you that you’re wrong or that its a bad cause. We’re trying to explain that reaching out to your local community is going to get you better results and reactions that reaching out here on SRK. And as @Darksakul said, this is on the wrong board…

I think what you’re doing is a great idea and a good way to build community, but I think you’re going about it by asking for a stick on tech talk…


Ok, fair enough. I’ll ask elsewhere.


So this is you?

Yes I am being critical as its my right to be with anyone trying to hold a weekly public event. Criticism isn’t necessarily negative, it can also point out flaws to fix or improve a pond as well.
You showed little to no respect to others. Your posting in the wrong board in the forums.
Although your goals are amiable, you have no plans or means to meet your goals.

The whole idea of connecting with the local scene as those guys will could offer you resources to meet your goals. Every geographic climate is different. Some areas prefer Xbox 360, other PS3, some places have alot of Street Fighter Players, or Smash bros or what have you. If you don’t act like a spoiled entitled jerk like you have been in the forums, your local scene will either give you pointers, offer volunteers for assistance, bring their own equipment in, maybe even financial contributions. Look when I went to College I did something similar, and I got some of the local scene involved, convinced the school to give me a budget for the event and provide for advertising. My whole angle was I was raising money for charity, I raised a few hundred dollars for the red cross per event.

Either way this thread as no business in Tech Talk.


I don’t see anywhere that I acted spoiled or entitled to anything. Sorry I irritate you so bad by posting in the wrong forum, like it’s a big deal. And saying I showed little to no respect to others? Where? I have little to no respect for you at the moment since youre coming at me super elitist and still are missing the point of what I’m trying to do with this event. On top of that, I already said I’ll take the request elsewhere. No need to jab me any further.


You said you’re well known. Nobody knows you. You bumped your post when you didn’t need to. I guarantee that everyone in TT saw your thread.

Also you say you have no respect for someone who is a pillar of this community. Go back to xbox live where you’re “well known”


Can we just request this thread to be closed? I feel like a lot of this is just unnecessary now. I think the points have been made…


Dude, just grow up. Don’t take everything personal. We didn’t even insult you. We offered good, sound advice, and you get on the defensive because it’s not the answer you wanted. So yeah, it’s going to be difficult to ask random strangers to donate a $50+ stick to you out of the kindness of our hearts, but we offered good ideas on how you get your local scene involved and make it a successful event.

Instead, you want to whine that we’re somehow not helping (even though we are) and then you state you’re going to go somewhere else to ask for a free stick. Q_Q

I wish you all the success in the world to start hosting some good events at your local library, but you gotta get your attitude checked.


Make your post in the trading thread. That’s where this belongs anyway. If someone isn’t willing to donate a stick then at least give some incentive like some free stolen library books of their favorite novels.


I didn’t say well known idiot I said known enough that I’m not a scammer. And where did I insult a “pillar of this community”?


Just post in trading post and leave this be.