Hi guys, i am looking for the scans of the guidebook cvs2.
Somebody from srk posted it a while ago ( smoothcat i think ).
I dont remember where i downloaded that but anyway, i lost all my “cvs2 files” and i am looking for the scans of guidebook.
Help will be welcome :china:

I have it, but there is no good place to host/upload it since everyone started doing 100mb limits and such. I might consider a torrent, but it depends on if there is enough interest from people to put one up.

I think i’m gonna upload mine. I took the original scans, removed all the pre-character pages (all japanese, systems info), removed the 1st page of each character (just shows frame data on dodge attacks and alpha counter, costumes, etc)

I think i’m gonna host them as zipped pieces, 1 for each character. I’ll let you know.

That’d be nice! I’d love to have some of it.

edit: everything uploaded now. i left out evil ryu and shin akuma. the original scans smoothcat made don’t include orochi iori or god rugal.

You rox !

That’s great :rock:
Thank you very much for that :tup:

The link is not working =(.

It was working until about a week ago. Maybe ragnafrak decided to take it out.

the host went over bandwidth and locked the account… i dont feel like paying money to get it back up.

maybe in a month or so it will unlock… not sure

You can try making a Filefront account, unlimited hosting.

Or upload the files in an dl server/gmail account, or many other possibilities.

scans have been sent to mr_fantastic. link to come…

here they are:

if these go around getting hotlinked and shit i will take them down asap

with that being said, i guess i will eventually make a torrent out of these because i dont plan on hosting these forever

you all still suck