I apolgise in advance if this is the wrong forum, I never usually stray from FGD:sweat:

Anyway, I need an animated gif of the super finish background for a vid i’m making (you know what I mean, that explosion effect that happens in the background ). Preferably from one of the alpha games but I’ll take whatever I can get. I’ve had a look through the sites I usually use and the one’s listed on this board and i couldn’t find anything. Anyway, if anyone can help, that would be sweet!

thanks. :wgrin:

Do you want the flash to be red (X), green (A) or blue (V)?

Which effect type do you want? Spreads Outside From Center, Flows From UR to DL,
Flows From UL to DR, Flows From Up to Down, Flows From Left to Right, Spreads Down From Up, Spreads Center From Outside or Psycho Field Finish?

my first question is, do you know where i can find any of those?

“I’ll take whatever I can get”

Ideally I want a blue super flash from alpha 3, exploding from the centre. Exactly like a raging demon finish but without the big kanji…

A note to everyone though… If you can link me up to anything involving a super flash from any SF game., I would be very grateful:)

No, but I can make them.

Is this what you wanted? It doesn’t loop properly so if you need a longer version let me know.

my god!?

I didn’t expect someone to actually make one, that is awesome! I’m pretty sure that will be perfect. I’m going to try some stuff out tonight if I have time. I’ll let you know.

If I manage to squeeze this into my vid you’re getting mad props for being so helpful :slight_smile:

EDIT: if I needed some more could you provide them? You be helping out a whole lot. thanks again

EDIIT: just did a bit of work with it, it worked a treat :slight_smile:

It’s not made from scratch, just a little rip.


hello again,

Could you sort me out with some of the diagonal effects? I’m not sure how many variations there are but I know I can just flip them round and stuff so I’m not fussy which ones. If there are different colours though 2 different one’s would be awesome (red and blu or whatever).

Thanks muchly man.


The blue one doesn’t have sprites because it doesn’t actually exist in V-ISM. I made it in green as well so you can decide which one you want to use.

They run for 3-4 seconds. If that’s not long enough I’ll make longer ones.

yeah they’re great.

actually what I had in my mind were the one’s in the gem fighter intro, do you know which one’s I mean? I just assumed the alpha one’s were the same.

They’ll do the job though, thanks again.

Here is the diagonal one from the Super Gem Fighter intro.

this is the last request I promise, lol. that gem fighter one, do you have them in assorted flavours? also It doesn’t matter about that one being animated, I only need the last frame so I can put some sprites over the top.

Colors can be replaced. What do you need?

a blue one? :slight_smile:

awesome, I think that’s all I need. thanks dude.

I’ll let you know when the vid is coming out.

ok, There’s something else I need. I’m looking for the ‘Fight’ jpeg from Xmen vs SF. the same game that this is from…

again I’ve looked around for this but can’t find it anywhere.

EDIT: forget it, lol. I managed to make one :slight_smile:

OK, what i’m after now is the background effect in the alpha 2 intro

That bar in the background with effects going from left to right. 2 of them happen soon after each other, one with special moves happening in front and the other with portraits, I may only need one but both would be awesome. Buttermaker if you’re still around I would be so grateful for this. The trailer for the movie is done but it’s not up yet, hopefully it will be within the next few days. I could msn it over to you if you want just to prove that I am actually working on something lol. By the way I’m the same guy who did the HSFZ vid (link in sig, look under local gaming news).

thankyou, thankyou, thankyou :slight_smile: that’s exactly what I needed.

hey man, The vid is called ‘Ken vs Gief’ and the preview vid is here (you need to scroll down a bit)

also the first part of the full thing just went up this morning @ Look under local gaming news. I think I only use one of the things you ripped for me but more are used in the following chapters (to be released later). I promise you will be suitably thanked, lol :slight_smile: