Requestin artwork for a SF IV TE Stick

Basically the title says it all. Of course I’d be willing to pay for your work.

As for what I’m requesting, now probably sounds silly, but I was hoping to get like Snoopy wearing Ryu’s Headband shooting a huge Hadoken and like Woodstock doing a Fire Shoryuken. Kinda like back to back with Snoopy shooting to the right and Woodstock uppercutting to the left, and maybe his doghouse in the background behind them?

Any takers lol?

Intersting idea lol. I’ll work on it.

Thanks lol.

Here’s a Work In Progress, still need to add a few things on it. Oh and do you think the feet look ok? It looks a bit weird to me.

Hmm the feet do look lil weird. Kinda looks like he’s sitting? Maybe try to put him in the Hadouken stance?