Requesting a Good Rufus player



I would appreciate if the nastiest Rufus on XBL would run sets with me until I fully understand what to do against this fat prick.

I’m a 3400 - 4000 pp vega player and this match up drives me nuts, I feel like rufus is this complete fraud of a character that in the right hands beats my Vega without effort and I’d like that to not happen anymore.

Edit: Typing that on a phone last night made that come out completely wrong. GT: Do I Need Pants


Are you in Norcal? Ill MM you.


Lol @ thinking Rufus is a fruad of a character.

Try using him against Sagat/Akuma/Zangief/Guile.


This. Plus ken, Abel, Makoto and boxer.

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I agree with the others but Makoto? You can just divekick all over her!


Yup. Late dive kick those’s all day.


She can jump back fierce though. Personally I just hate the Akuma and Sagat matchups.


Whoa, whoa, I know Rufus has bad-match ups everyone, does but rather then be a big bitch and counter pick, I really want to learn the match-up, It’s incredibly frustrating, as Vega the match just feels completely help-less.


I agree it’s a tough match, I always feel comfortable playing against Vega. Unfortunately I’m in the UK or I’d be happy to play you.

I think the best advice I can give is to simply not do any off the wall shenanigans, instead concentrate on controlling the mid range space with, etc. Vega players who do that are always the most difficult for me :slight_smile:


I appreciate the Advice, I don’t mess with wall Dive shenanigans, not my style, the controlling the mid ground is my issue, it seems very rough when up against a good rufus, one good guess and it’s mix up all day.


Calling someone’s character fraudulent is probably not the best way to get a training partner


I must be doing it wrong because I hate the vega matchup =/


Im from norcal, id like to money match


What part?

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San Jose Ca.


Swear to god ricky if this is you trolling me… lol

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Nah im not ricky, im just some random scrub willing to lose some cash


K lol come to the eastbay tonight, and dont call yourself a scrub, you play rufus one of the hardesr characters to use in high level.

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so… who won ?


in for the results of the MM