Requesting a MvC avatar please


Okay, this one seems pretty difficult to construct. What I’m looking for is an avatar of a MvC:CoSH Duo Team Attack done by Spiderman (on the left) and Strider (on the right) when their faces are shown on the screen. Spiderman is my favorite Marvel character,and Strider Hiryu is my favorite Capcom character. Here’s a video of a random team performing their Duo Attack at 0:03: [media=youtube]n2Gv-42MCCA&feature=related[/media]
It would be cool if you could add some background effects and throw my name “DeRezz” on the avatar as well, whichever way you would prefer to do it all. Regular SRK image size please.

The thing is, I can’t find an image or a video of neither Spiderman nor Strider performing their Duo Team Attack to even begin the process. I’ve been searching pretty hard for those, but no luck. I would be truly amazed if someone can make this all come together. Good luck, and thanks a lot to whomever takes up this task. Hit me up if you have any questions.





Str[e]ak is baaaaallin’ !


Oh man, THIS IS PERFECT! This is so damn good, and you sir, are a damn beast. xD Thanks so much Str[e]ak. I’ll wear it with pride. You just totally took my expectations and shot it through the roof! Again, thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Uninspired is probably the better word. I feel bad when I see a request not picked up after a long while.

No prob, man. :tup:


Hm…all of this recent activity may serve to reinspire me. :smiley:


Ken (LBC) Terry (Savaii)