Requesting a practice partner for MvC3

I haven’t played in a long time. A few months actually. I recently moved and as far as I know, online is the best place for me to practice right now. I’m really rusty. I used to be above average, but now I can lose to just about anyone. It’s kinda ridiculous. So, I’m requesting first to 50’s with someone here. In past experiences, just playing a lot of matches with a player better than myself will usually get me out of my rusty stage. My gamertag is Kawaii X Usagi, and my location is Florida. I’ll probably be practicing my Tron/Zero/Sentinel team the entire time. I’m not unrusty enough to try playing my new team of X-23/Dante/Sentinel yet. Leave me a message or something and I’ll let you know when we can play.

Hello, I would be more than happy to play with you. I wouldnt consider myself amazing but i can help i suppose. Ill shoot you an FR. I am always looking for matches in mvc3.

I’m tired of playing random internet trolls. I’m going to add both of you. I’m not great either but I want real games. I guess we’ll see if we have good connections.

Add me as well. I would be willing to have a few good matches without all the BS drama associated with the online scrubs.