Requesting a sig ^__^

It’s me again :sweat: I’m looking for someone up to this request (tag request) if you’re interested please leave me a pm thanks :sweat: Hope someone takes up on this request

It would really be better if you posted what you wanted first, that way if it sounds like something someone would want to do, they could pick up the request. Stuff usually tends to turn out better that way.

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Anyone up to this request yet?..anyway here’s what I wanted in particular…

I wanted to have someone make a tag/sig…using these pics

Use either of the pic…I just want the character…as for the details…no particular idea really…maybe use a graffiti type font for the name…and as for the name just put in Chiqy instead of Shiniduo…thanks lots in advance :wonder:

alright i think ill do this nothing fancy right im lazy :sweat: :rofl: ummm size?

Nothing too big really…go nuts =p and thanks for taking up the request :sweat:

is this good? if ya want anything changed jus hit me up on aim that would be easier…

Hey thanks…owe ya one :smiley:

…orly? :bgrin: