Requesting a somewhat simple stick art design

I’ve been searching all over the net and couldnt find a decent blood splatter image or brush to make a simple stick art. Pretty much this was the idea i had in mind.

I was thinking of getting blood splattered around the stick hole, under the stick area, and under the buttons, then smeared to the right and under the 2 most right buttons have the blood smear out Akuma’s symbol from the back of his Gi in a dark blood red type red about the same size as the area the 2 x 2 row of buttons cover.

heres a scan of the plexi top to help the placement of the art:
Its 11" by 7" any resolution between 200 and 300 would be great.

Post measurements.

11" x 7"

EDIT: Oh yea forgot to mention, the background would be white, and um jsut in case… blood in some deep red that looks like blood lol.

I’ll do it if no one else says they will later. i know I’ve been taking up all the stick art requests, so I’m gonna hold back for now.


Akuma’s letter? You mean his symbol or a pic of the guy?

His symbol thats on the back of his Gi