Requesting a SSFIV tutor!

Anyone willing to help me out? I’ve only been playing fighting games in general for 3 years, but I suck at pretty much any game I touch… I understand the basics like linking and combs and some advanced things like plinking, option selects, etc., but I can’t apply all the knowledge I have, and just end up jumping in a match, get really nervous to the point where I can barely think straight, start mashing buttons, and having my butt kicked by anyone, playing as anyone. Help, please!

PSN is “TheRelsar”. I really only get the chance to play on weekends. (another thing, I have to use pad because the only arcade stick I have is the Hori Wireless FS-3, you know, the Tekken 6 stick. shudders)

Definitely check out this thread. Make sure you understand it, and most importantly, apply it to your game play through training. Just in case you didn’t know.

The basic principles in these 3-part videos can apply to any game, be sure to understand the basics before you go crazy on plinking, option selects, and links.


Post your information here to find a PSN tutor: