Requesting an image for a flyer

So I’m hosting Tension Pulse 2008 and I want to make some flyers to pass out to various tournies as I attend them. Well, I was hoping somebody wouldn’t mind coming up with an image to use on my flyer. Honestly, I don’t have a solid idea of what the image should look like. But if anybody can make a Guilty Gear image for my flyer (at your comfort), I would greatly appreciate it :woot:

I want to get work on something that’s not a sig or av so ill try. . any group of characters in particular, size I’d need to make, what it needs to say, etc.

Umm… I just need it to say “TENSION PULSE 2008” on it.
Everything else is really up to you. But if you “MUST” have specifics…
Probably something with Sol and Ky on it will do.

how is this?

ok tat guy is this your first time attempting a flyer?


Alternate275 when ever u request a flyer u have to be specific on text like letter for letter u know?

@Tat man: Yeah, that will do just fine :tup:
@GuMz: Yeah, thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep that in mind from now on =3

shouldn’t a flyer for an event contain at least the date.

A website address would be nice as well or at least location info, etc.

The flyer itself was going to contain the info. I just needed a quick picture to put on the flyer so that it will catch the eyes of people who recognize the image or to those who’s eyes it catches.

I suppose it could have the date and watnot on there.

A website address? I’d have to put the forum addresses on there xD
I don’t have a website for this event =x

Speaking of which, here’s the link for those interested.
Tension Pulse 2008

Yeah gumz it is my first. … that im aware of. …

I’ll put anymore info you need. …

this is basically what i meant


i see alot stuff that should be on there haha