Requesting Av for Friend


Could you guys make an Avatar for me? It’s for a friend of mine. I need it to say Scrub and he wants it to be related to WarCraft III. You can find images on thanks alot!


Thanks Cov. I just registered, cool shit. Someone please make me an Avatar? :slight_smile:


It’s cool. Looks like no one wants to make you one. :lol:


I made one, but you don’t have to use it. 20k owned me again. If I was actually good I wouldn’t have this problem.:lol:


Mind posting it? :lol:


LOL. No prob, but like I said you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, I’ll completely understand the reasons and I don’t really care, I did it out of boredom.:lol:

EDIT - I see your friend Con had already posted this in ton’s thread. Let my good bud, ton, do it. He’ll come up with somethin alot better.:slight_smile:


It looks like you rushed that one, haha. Yeah I’ll see if ton will take a crack at it. I know you can do better than that though. :wink:



damn thats a pretty shitty compliment for someone who went outta their way to make u an avatar…id say fuck u and make ur own if u told me that


hah read his own post you jerk then you’ll realize why I spoke that way. I was completely honest. I looked at his examples and I know he can do alot better than that. I commend him for his effort and I’m not asking him to redo it or anything. He even said that he’d understand if I didn’t like it.


I tried it out to!


I need the avatar to be 120x60 if that is possible. Thanks alot to whoever will make it.


I tried again, because I was getting bored of making Naruto .gifs.:o Just check the thread again, I guess.


I love it! Great job.