Requesting help for a TE Stick Template (Mega Man 2)

Edit: Even just some basic advice would be helpful.

Seeing as the request thread is down, I’m going to here to request Mega Man 2 TE template.

The template:

The Art
Air Man:
Bubble Man:
Crash Man:
Flash Man:
Heat Man:
Metal Man:
Quick Man:
Wood Man:

If you haven’t already guessed, I want a template of all the Robot Masters (the bosses) from Mega Man 2. I’ve been trying to give this a shot myself, but I honestly do not have the talent for it. Nothing feels right or looks good. Also the images are really small (or at least I thought they were).

If this can’t work with provided art, I’m going to move on to sprites. so please let me know if this is not feasible.


i MAY give this a shot since im a megaman lover myself. But i need some more insight as to exactly what youre expecting this to look like. Please enlighten.