Requesting Help: Non-responsive stick

Hi all,

I have a vanilla mvc3 Madcatz TE for Xbox 360 which I dual-modded using Phreakazoid’s TEasy Board.

I’ve had no issues until recently, over the last week or two I’ve noticed sometimes that my stick isn’t responding…at which point I usually unplug/plug-in/jiggle and make sure there is a good connection at which point everything is fine.

Yesterday I got no response after multiple tries. When I first plug the stick in, all 4 edges of the (X) button flash for a brief second and then turn off…I get no response. I’ve tried 2 different mini-connector cords that go from the TE to the 360.

I also pulled the panel off and traced the connector cord all the way to the TEasy board where the 4 wires are inserted in the orange connector…all the wires seemed in-tact and fully inserted.

Any advice would be much appreciated, my guess(hope) is worst case I need to buy another connector cord…and if no one has better suggestions that I might pull the wires out from the TEasy Board and Strip the cord a little farther back and try to reconnect?


I think the Pogo pins on the teasy needs to be reseated.

Thanks for the suggestion, I did that after I re-set all the USB wire connections to the orange punch terminal on the TEasy Strike Board…

Unfortunately, the exact same thing happened afterwards. When the stick is plugged in the entire green right lights up for a brief second and then it stays dark and the stick is completely unresponsive.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Try reflashing the TEasy Strike.