Requesting help with a certain combo finisher



To anyone who can help I remember doing a combo with Sakura to my friend that ended with ex.tatsu -> lp.shoryu -> lk.otoshi. The combo was something i did on the fly it was against his Dhalsim at the time but whenever I practice it against Dan in training sometimes i get it sometimes I don’t same for if I use it against my friends. So my question is it a character specific finisher, a leading into the corner type of finisher, or is it just my timing all together?


ive never tried it out of the corner so i cant say that its universal to everyone but its all about the timing. its very strict


Yeah I figured it might be a timing issue I just can’t seem to get it.


Almost sure that would make the combo do less damage unless you hit the EX tatsu naked.
You’re getting 19 points of damage off the sho because it hit an airborne opponent, but because each hit of otoshi is scaled individually (correct me if I’m wrong, as this is pretty much the basis of this post), you’re introducing more damage reduction than the 19 damage is making up for.


afaik - dhalsim has a slower fall speed, but this combo in general seems to work provided you are moving towards the corner, but not quite in it, when I go for that combo (for the pure purpose of stylin) its generally at a distance where the lp sho gets them just to the corner.


its for stylin as well as a bit more stun.


Does stun scale? Because if not, then I would consider the combo very viable if you’re trying to stun the opponent.


I see people use this combo all the time. I’ve never tried it myself.


Just go for a mixup, otoshi isn’t all that great


otoshi is good, guaranteed damage with good oki afterwards. cross under mixup is asking to get DP’d in the face…


Correction: any mixup is asking to get DP’d in the face. =P

This might be a silly question, but has anyone tried to do a LP Shor -> MP Shor -> LK Otoshi? Now that would be stylin’.