Requesting list of non true blockstring punishes

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Shoto kenryu blockstring. we really can ultra…well atleast ultra 2 mantis not sure on ultra 1 before the fireball. so what other blockstrings arent true blockstrings. where are the rest of the pockets for all the characters.

adon-no chainable normals except standing jabs or cr.mpxxxTK
rufus-cl.hpxxxgalactic tornado
sim-b+mkxxxyoga flame range jabxxxxHHS

off the top of my head

Non properly spaced Ryu>hadouken. Nothing more satisfying than baiting him into a jump-in and spacing it just right so you can do mantis super or mantis U2 after the because it doesn’t combo.

Galactic tornado and Vipers flame kick has fireball properties so anything that has fireball immunity will pass right through them. (New to Gen but ex roll and ex oga has it right?)

Yes, both ex Oga and ex Roll have projectile invincibility though Oga only has it during the start-up I believe (when you go up to the wall).

ex oga is fuckin worthless. maybe my timing is off but in vanilla i could do it on wakeup even if a fireball was near perfectly timed but now i cant do that so i must take the chip. is this true? or is it just me. or can i ex wakeup through a meaty projectile

OT ex oga shtuff

[details=Spoiler]It’s not worthless. It does avoid meaty fireball chip dmg on wakeup (great at negating dhalsim U1 wakeup BS). It also will avoid meaty crossup ex psycho crusher and burn kick (just learned that today, w00t!) It also flies through Rose’s U2 shield, putting some sometimes much-needed space between you two when she pops it. Just gotta hit training and practice timing or something.

I also use it to fly through people. If you use regular oga, you can smear against someone in the air or against a tall character, giving them much more time to knock you out of your oga, to air throw you, or whatever else. But if you use ex oga, you fly through them unless they had a normal or special sticking out when you did it. This is useful for escaping the corner against a patient Zangief (I do this only when I have a solid read on that zang…don’t wanna waste an ex bar and get normal’ed out of the air) and also to get in against a fireball character without a good reversal for punishing oga (I ex oga to their wall and fly through them and their fireball and either steep kick down or just cancel the kick and bounce off the wall.

EDIT: A zang friend of mine knows if he gets me in the corner headbutt and lariat will take care of me trying to crane jump to the other side. If I oga to my corner wall and try to hit the ceiling I either eat a headbutt on the way up or he follows me with ex green fist when I fly to the middle of the stage. I can’t dive kick him from wall or ceiling because he blocks and punishes big. He cannot do anything about me flying through him though if I time it right though[/details]

ehnn kruldar either i suck at it now or i dont know. in vanilla i did it nonstop. timing is different or i dont know i cant even explain it. seems near impossible if not impossible if the person who is throwing the projectile is doing it right. wake up ex oga doesnt seem to work for that. EX. in corner. no ultra or super bar. guiles sonic boom or sonic hurricane. you are basically dead. same for a ryu who is just gonna end it with a super or ultra chip out. is anyone else having problems doing this or is it just me with this odd time difference between vanilla and super. honestly on vanilla i basically did it off the floor like a dp.

If you can’t make the ex-oga come out as Reversal off the ground try mashing the two kicks instead of pressing them once until you get a feel for the timing. No matter what timing they use for their projectile, it shouldn’t affect the timing required to make ex oga a reversal. Are you sure you’re not just getting owned by the long down charge time required?

i can honestly say i have no clue whatsoever. i cant even visually see the problem. all i know is i get hit. and has the charge time increased since vanilla. seems so…

and on top of that i saw other gens do it all the time in vanilla as well. i havent seen any videos of it being done in super…

I do it. all the time. When a sim has me on my back and activates U1 on my wakeup, I zip out of there. Guile, Ryu, Chun, etc. can’t chip me out with ultras or their other projectiles on my wakeup because I use this to escape.

I could record a vid if you want to show you the timing on it and what I use it for.

i literally JUST did it against guiles sonic hurricane. now i dont know if his timing was off or miens was perfect but it shocked me so much id didntreact. afterwards. timing is definitely different than it it used to be. its block or try to escape and possibly be maimed.

When you practice it more it will be block or escape. Every time. I never miss reversal ex oga for the same reason I never miss reversal gekiro or roll or hands. Practice makes perfect.

Hey wait–maybe this is it. Are you having the problem when you activate it while you’re knocked on the ground, or are having the problem more when you’re on your feet like say in the corner and they use it to chip you? If you’re on the ground you can do a reversal from either stance every time. BUT remember if you’re just standing there in mantis stance and they use a chip projectile ultra or something on you, you can’t immediately do a crane stance move, or vice versa for the stances thanks to the stance glitch. See this post for more info

on ground mainly. if im standing hell i can just jump out of that you know. or poke them if im feeling…frisky… meow

unless it’s chun’s or a good dhalsim’s who will aa you if you jump you know. Oh yeah. Pwned on the obscure shit. That’s how I roll :stuck_out_tongue:
but seriously you’ll get it. just need to hit training for a bit until it’s second nature

I actually wrote a small list on this in the shenanigans thread. I use it for this purpose too, I love doing this when some dick thinks he can cheap me out in the corner with chunli U2 or something. It does take some practice though to learn how to use it properly, especially if your still in mantis and had to change first on wake-up, stupid glitch.

as for aa from chun or sim i use ultra 2 so i usually just catch them once or twice with it then they cease to AA

I was just messing since you’re right about jumping most of them lol :clown: If you have U2 stocked anyway it’s all a different story.

just curious, can you consistently land ex roll on wakeup or do have the same problem? are you having a hard time getting “reversal” to hit the screen when you oga or do you get reversal and just can’t figure out why you get hit out of it (answer: because you lose projectile invuln when you hit the wall so you’re going to the wrong wall i.e. the wall nearest that projectile). I’m just perplexed at your difficulty doing this because it should be as straightforward as a reversal flash kick, head stomp, up-ball, etc.

and since I’m leading this thread completely off-topic I’ll try to contribute
Blanka can’t chain normals. is his bnb confirm into jab xx ball. good blankas also use frame traps with lots of gaps in them. blankas who screw up jab xx elec walk forward jab xx elec TRUE blockstring leave a gap.
Bison scissor kick pressure