Requesting pictures for US t5 arcade stick upgrade

I followed the links in the forums and found the instructions on himura amusements on how to upgrade the US t5 arcade stick to a sanwa. All the pictures to do this, however, were posted on geocities and are now all gone. I’ve had no solder or stick building experience but I really want to do this. The only way I think I could pull it off is if I had good pictures to follow. If anybody has those on file or could take some I would appreciate it.

Somebody please do it up!

I just got one for 17.99 new lol.

Are you serious? From where?!

I bought two last month for 19.99 CAD from EBGames. They have been clearing these out for months now. I’m surprised people are still able to find em this cheap. I picked up the remaining two in Windsor, Ont.

Yah got mine from Gamestop. If your local store has them thats how much they will probably be. I happened to get the last one in my store :wgrin: Was buried in a pile of beatmania and ddr games.

I think i still have it, I need to check when I get home, check back later.

UPDATE: Sorry man, I did have the website page saved offline but I didn’t save the actual pictures off of geocities. I should have payed more attention when saving that site too. Well, the tutorial is pretty well documented on there, even if you don’t have modding experience, time to jump in. Or instead, you might actually want to try the “Jumpsuit mod” (from forum member Jumpsuit) if you are really worried about your modding skills. Plus its cheaper that way. Do a search on these forums for it. For some reason, a while back the Jumpsuit mod didn’t show up on these forums but you can either google it cuz I know he also posted on the xbox forums too. If you are really stuck, I have saved the Jumpsuit mod offline with pictures. Good luck.

sweet, I found a post to jumpsuit mod a doa4 stick so I assume it’ll work with this one. thanks a lot man. One more question, I seem to have a problem with my stick mostly because the distance between neutral and hitting the micro switches is just too long. I CANNOT for the life of me do 123 -> GJ with yun when I am facing the right side of the screen (on the left side of the opponent). I cannot find a comfortable hand position to where I can move the stick in the full motion with the speed required. If yun is facing the right I can do it no problem whatsoever. Anyway, my question is will switching the gate possibly help me here?

Glad to see you found his post. I grew up on happs controls (regular American arcades). When I bought the DOA stick and Tekken 5 stick, I could not play on them. They have a square gate whereas the US uses an octagonal gate on most fighters if not all, the best I can remember. So after Jumpsuit made his discovery of the sanwa gates fitting on the DOA stick and Tekken 5 stick, I decided to give it a go. It feels a lot better and more in tune with what I was used to. Yes, the Jumpsuit mod works on the T5 stick as I and many others have done the mod. All you need really need for that mod is a new octagonal gate. The bat top and shaft cover are optional. You don’t even have to bother with cutting the case or cutting screws. All you need to do is finish drilling holes in the gate and reinstall with the original screws. Let us know how it turns out and if you need any more help or resources.

Bump my old thread, I really need pictorial guidance here

I just modded a T5 stick this week. My digital camera broke so I couldnt take pictures. What do you need to know? I have another T5 i will mod in a few weeks when I get my parts from akihabarashop. I will make sure I take photos of that mod. The sanwa stick is much much better than the stick that comes in the T5. I swapped the stick out too easily without cutting anything. My moves come out alot easier now.

basically everything. I’m in college right now and money is tight. If I fuck something up I’ll be out of a stick until I can replace the parts. I’ve never had to solder (well, once for a class) so I could use some help there, along with the sanding work. thanks

i only had to “sand/dremmel” the tabs in the button holes so that new sanwa buttons could fit to replace the crappier(less responsive) stock ones. You will need a dremmel to sand the tabes down to change the buttons. If you read the himuragames tutorial while doing it it will totally make sense. Thats what I did and it was easy. A Solder sucker works great and makes the removal of the solder thats there easy. The buttons are soldered with big drops of solder on the reverse side of the board so it would be pretty hard to mess it up. (the buttons go through holes in the actual board and are soldered on the back) Just get a solder sucker and you’ll be fine.

To change the stick I used #4-40 x3/4" flat head slotted machine screws that I got a home depot. I removed/unscrewed the stick in there and used these new screws to screw the stick in to the metaltop UNDER the gate… So that the gate snapped on under where I screwed the stick to the metal piece. The sick is screwed to the metal and then the gate snaps in and holds it all in place. They are not the same holes it was originally used to screw the stick in but the holes are already there in the sanwa stick and also the metal so it worked great.

That’s awesome advice! I didn’t like the idea of sanding down the stick base to get the screw to go in. I’ll be modding my 2 Tekken sticks when comes back online with their new webshop.

Instead of sanding down the clip on buttons, what about using screw ons?

No… I did not sand down the buttons themselves. I had to sand down (actually I used a dremel) the metal tabs sticking out in the button holes on the metal top panel that the art sticks on. The sanwa buttons cannot fit in the button holes with the tabs in the way so I sanded them with the dremel. Heres a quick photoshoped illustration but once you start to take it all apart you will know exactly what I mean.

I see what you mean now! Looks like I too, will have to sand down the tabs with a dremel.

*edit: please do post pics when you get hold of a digital camera, thanks!