Requesting sagat/vega art work for stick

Hey all, this is my first post so sorry if its in the wrong spot.

At any rate, one of the buttons on my hori ex2 has been working inconsistently and thus, ive decided to do some minor modding. i would love to get a new art work on it (vega or sagat).

the problem is that since i have no artistic inclination whatsoever along with lacking computer programs necessary to size up the artwork with the hori ex2 template, im pretty stuck.

ideally, if someone already has something for this stick made and wouldnt mind hooking me up with the final product to just print it out it would be great.


if someone is willing to take on the job of fixing one up i can give you some sort of compensation (the modding is setting me back a bit, so nothing to crazy).

it would be greatly appreciated.