Requesting Stick Art (specifics inside)

Okay, so first off here is picture that will be used:

The original high res file can be found here: (scroll down a bit)

I’d like to thank Logix for letting me use the picture so I can turn it into a MARVELous stick.

Next are some specifics that I’d like added to the stick. If possible, use something like this ink-ring template from this stick (template from kurdt_the_goat ) and yes, I want it to be black:

And put this wording/color under the top lefthand menu place (with a nice font and better spacing of course) :

The panel will be for a full template from arts designs for my TE-S stick. I’d very much appreciate the assistance of the people here in the mishmashs part of the forums, as I’ve seen you guys do incredible things.

yahoo: empd2

Wow. I’m more impressed with your speed than anything else. If possible, can I request the font to be a bit more eligible? The actual font on the TE-S would be fine.

edit: also, if you can get the yellow on the tournament edition font to match the color I originally used, that would be nice. It matches better with the three in the logo.

Nice. Now last but not least, can you stretch out the font so it looks like it did in the first one? Just with the same font.