Requesting these ST sprites and one CvS2 Sprite

I want these sprites for an avatar that I’m making.

I know I can get the 3S sprites easily (zweifuss). However, I searched Fighters Gen and couldn’t find any of the ST sprites…Anyone got any other sites or have these sprites?:sweat:

Main Site -

CVS2 Char Select -

ST Char Select -

Ugh, that CvS2 character select screen isn’t working when I click a character.

Thank you very much however for the resources, repped.

Hm…Oh, and does anyone have the Waiter serving the plate from A3?

This one?

I couldn’t get to any characters on the CvS2 page either, but I thought it was due to my old version of Flash.

Here’s a small rip from a mugen CvS Rugal, wasn’t sure which was his far strong -

Character packs here -
MCM to load the SFF file and save the frames out to PCX if you want it-

Holy shit thank you man.

oy. . . .I know the place if it’s still up. . . .


This has the rips for every CvS2/CVS1 animation in both games/ a shit load of the MVC series as well. . …