Requesting V-combos for blanka

I’m thinking about starting to play blanka, and since both of his supers in a-ism suck, I thought that maybe v-ism would be better for him, but I can’t find any decent combos. so I’m just wondering, are there reliable v-combos for blanka, or should I play him in a-ism?

his ground shave rolling is good anti air at level 2 or 3 :[


You have Xenozip. to thank for that…

With Blanka, you’d mostly be going for CC set-ups off a counter-hit AA normal or while punishing an air recovery. I think he has an infinite with jumping LK as well, but I can’t be sure. Could also go for a Karin/Sodom style re-activate. I like Blanka on V just for the ability to counter activate (makes jumping in a lot less of a risk), but he doesn’t really have anything fantastic on it.

Yeah, if you’re looking for reliable and simple then V-Blanka isn’t really the way to go. His elec VC’s are tech traps, which means they only work if the opponent tech’s, and you need to rely on unblockable/confusion stuff if they don’t tech.

His anti-air sweep is also unreliable since it only works if they attack and get hit out of the air by the sweep.

He also doesn’t really have a post-dizzy VC like most characters do, since his specials don’t launch, and elec launches but doesn’t allow juggles.

His only legitimately reliable one is his air-to-air. He can also do stuff post-major counter, but it’s also unreliable due to it being escapable.

maybe I’ll just stick to a-ism then :stuck_out_tongue: