Requesting Vertical or Horizontal Shooter Reviews And Opinions From Gamers!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a fan of vertical shooters (and a little horizontal) for most of my life, but I feel I’m really starting to get into and understand them better then I have ever before. With my overwhelming obsession with vertical shooters growing, I figured I’d ask the SRK community to help me decide on which vertical shooters are really worth buying for the Xbox 360.

Current collection for Xbox 360 includes:

Raiden Fighters Aces

(small collection) :arazz:

I don’t have the biggest collection at the moment, but I see that XBLA offers a new version of 1942, Triggerheart Exlica…and that looks to be about it I think. Also, are there any other vertical shooters on the 360 that I’m missing?

I also read some awesome news last night, Raiden IV is coming to the Xbox 360!

Hopefully DeathSmiles will make it’s way to the American audience, that game looks incredible!

Alright I think that about does it. Thanks a lot in advance guys and I hope to see some great responces.

Wait, what else do you need besides Ikaruga? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a big fan of shmups too, let me look through my collection. checks

(all of these are XBLA games, meaning there’s usually a demo)
– Aegis Wing is fun, and more importantly FREE!
– Assault Heroes isn’t a bad game if you like Ikari Warriors.
– Galaga Legions is a clever remake of the original. The same thing with Space Invaders Extreme.
– Geometry Wars is good, though it’s not quite a vertical/horizontal shmup. GW2 is even better. Both have great music, esp GW2.
– Mutant Storm & Reloaded are okay… both feel a little too cheap sometimes. YMMV.
– Omega Five is a GREAT (and hard) horizontal shmup along the same lines as Forgotten Worlds. It’s also gorgeous. (heck, I may go play that now…)
– R-Type Dimensions. The classic. Why haven’t you bought this already? WHY???
– Rez HD… again, not a vertical or horizontal shooter… kind of like a rail shooter, like starfox with even better music. Try it. You’ll thank me.
– Schizoid is weird, and great for co-op.
– Scramble, Gyruss, and Time Pilot are Konami re-releases. Don’t expect much, but not bad for $5 a pop.
– Space Giraffe. Stay away… stay far, far away. The demo was fun, but the game go old sooooo quickly.
– Triggerheart Exelica is probably my favorite besides Ikaruga. It’s just got a lot of personality.

And um… I think that’s about it. If it’s not on this list (with the exception of Raiden) it either sucks or I haven’t heard of it. :wink: