Requiem for FFA

As some of you may know, the owner’s wife Chlorine, world’s oldest exotic dancer(ripley’s believe it or not: se:2010) is currently working at the Spearmint Rhino shake joint in downtown.

It makes me sick that Chlorine at age 84, has to work her ass off(no pun intended) to provide for her kids while that jewish scumbag gets to munch on popcorn watching Bad and Busty on cinemax all day.

I believe that there are plenty demons running through the family and can only pray that God may deliver them from evil and may the children not lead into temptation.

This is a serious problem ppl. Haiti has been fed enough.

Please support Chlorine with donations.

Contact info

Spearmint Rhino - Gentleman’s Club: 2020 East Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90021-2424
Her #: (678) 999-8212

Donations methods

Private dances
Make it rain

Hi! Old Man Rivers~

The movement has begun.

Can we play street fighter there?