Requirements to enter EVO

My friend wishes to enter the EVO 2012 tournament for next year, does she need to have any system points to enter? Or does she register on site at EVO? Would entering local tournaments in Los Angeles help her get into EVO?

I have no idea what system points mean, but once registration opens online in 2012 she just registers there. The website is It’s usually in the early part of the year so just check that out or check here as well, there’ll be tons of announcements once registration goes live. Also she cannot register at the event, registration is online only.

yeah Evo is open to anyone. The only people that cant enter are banned people (none that i know of). There are some major tourneys that give out what are called seed points. these points enable you to have a tad bit easier of a time making it through pools at evo… although you dont have to have points to win and just because you have points doesnt mean that it’ll be easy. They’ll probably put up the event info in January or December.

Okay, umm, where should she start to earn seed points?

there are several tournaments around the country who hand them out, but usually only for top 8 placers. when you are just getting started it would be nearly impossible to get some of those points, however you do not need seed points to enter evo, and in fact the majority of players do not have any or ever get any.

just start going to tournaments in your area to get started, it will be quite some time before you can expect her to be earning any sort of seeing points

Hmm…Besides the one called Wednesday Fight Nights, that’s the only one I know that’s in Los Angeles. I’m not sure what other tournaments they have here.

By system points I assume you mean Evo seeding points. You do NOT need Evo seeding points to register for Evo.

In fact the current Evo champion had 0 Evo points and he still registered and won the whole thing. So who knows maybe the same thing can happen to your friend.

can’t tell if trolling

Not trolling here, bro. My friend wants to enter for next year. I assume next year’s EVO will be from July 26-29.

The EVO dates usually aren’t revealed until January or so IIRC. Last year it was the 16-18 of July, so yeah…lol