Requst for a avatar


i dont know if this will be possible but if you can please make me a av of (magneto,sentinel,and ironman) then make it fade into (magneto,psylocke,and storm) then make it fade to(strider,dr. doom,and sentinel) here r some sprites to put on the av.Thanks to ever is working on this requst hope this is not to much to ask.oh then after it shows all my 3 teams then make it say (death to all haters) (respect your defeat) (SiNN).Thanks again i really would appercaite this alot


woah man don’t mean to sound rude but isn’t that one to many threds if you want an av so bad you should ask one of the guys like(::tmt::,asiandemon or draig)there good.i would do it but i have my hands full right now.:smiley: :cool:





bitch, stop making threads. you already have another thread where you requested an av, someone has already picked up your request in there too.

idiots like you should be prohibited from making threads, aswell as posting altogether.



ok ok mybad, but oh yea dont play superhero over the fucking net fuckbitch so chill i just made a mistake live with it



if someone already took your request, it shouldn’t matter. don’t disrespect by creating another thread asking the same thing. just be patient.

to delete this thread, edit your initial post in this thread, and click on the delete post box and delete the post. that should take the thread with it.




you edited your post cause you pussied out.
i can’t help it if i have a hard time tolerating idiots.
go kill yourself, and this thread. thx


sorry i dont know how you do it

sorry man i just cant talk shit over the net like you congratulations you talk shit to people 200 miles away from you


sorry i dont know how you do it

thats why you get no av.


you’re accusing me of the same shit you’re doing

look at that shit. hypocrite.
you’re mad cause i called you out on something stupid you did. don’t hate me cause of it.



so what you gone do about it:D


damn, you dumb.
go be an idiot somewhere else.




NOTICE WARNING ALERT <—SiNn—> has a gey name that is all


Duely noted…



Notice its a chinese name plus it means something you dont got and its only to gey to assholes oh yea get some pussy man i post this yesterday please get a life or let me help you find one:p