somebody make me a cable,magneto,and sentnel avadar please



here’s my version…hope you like it.:smiley:


You bastard.


that av is shit. you’re shit.
please flush it, and yourself.


Mine’s not any better. :slight_smile:

Good to see you’re still around, OM.


no, yours is much better than his.

yep, still breathing :cool:




lol thats harsh man


no way, tonbarry had it coming. he tried to piss on ytwojay by posting an av of his own. tonbarry had exactly what was coming to him. tonbarry can’t piss on anyone, especially because he’s a turd


just for your big information i didn’t try to piss on no-one,im just doing an av…thats all, if he did’nt want mine then he would tell me so…i would understand.:bluu:


i think what orangemegaslide is trying to say is…since ytwojay already made one…you didn’t have to make another one…in hopes of ykitz liking yours…isn’t it in the rules?..that when somebody already took a request…it’s clear for somebody else to back the fuck off?..that’s my guess @ what orange was tryin’ to say…it’s either that…or he just straight out thought yo’ av looked like horse shit…


@tonbarry - shut up you noob… its simple, dont take other peoples request… get it through your head.

@orange - the turd thing was well said.


true, when a request is taken youre showing disrespect to the person who got there first


yup what giga said im a n00b but i htink by taking the request you were pretty much saying you were better than ytwojay which your notnot trying to start shit just saying stealing other people’s requests is :lame: