can somebody please make me a background with (ryu or ken) or (ryu and ken) playing a videogame with the words (Hardcore Arena 0.64) on it.Thanks i would really appreciate this oh yea if this this requst sound a little difficult i understand stand but if not i really would really appreciate it alot for you working on this for me.


hey man i could do it for you,but i don’t know if can find a pic of both of them playing a videogame…but ill see what i can do,give me some time.:smiley:


ok here it is man,hope it’s what you wanted,let me know if there’s anything that you want me to change.:cool:


oops here it is,(dam 4 min rule)…



Thanks i really appricate it man oh yea thats perfect thanks again for your help tonbarry


hey no prob,anytime.:cool: