Rerun city: Old TV shows made new


I had a strange question come to me.

If they were remaking old Shows with today’s actors, who would you choose to play/replace who? This can be any TV show you think of, I just thought of this one first.

First show I was thinking of is the old hit Sanford & Son.

ALSO: Sorry. I really don’t know jack about the “new” actors and actresses, so I don’t have any suggestions.




G vs E
Quantum Leap
Out of This World
Small Wonder


Unsolved Mysteries with Christopher Walken


But we did that already

casted. film it. ship it.


Alf starring @SWBeta

Ally Mcbeal starring @“Phantom Angel”

Batman: The Animated Series starring Dieminion

Boy Meets World starring @Vynce

Freakzoid starring @WAH

Family Matters starring @“The Epidemic” (as Steve without the ability to turn into Stefan)

Clarissa Explains It All starring @RockBogart

Home Improvement starring @Ramrod

X-Men The Animated Series starring @“po pimpus” (as Jubilee)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys starring @“Rick Ross”

Xena: Warrior Princess starring @akumachan

Seinfeld starring @“Shaft Agent” (as Kramer)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air starring @Raz0r (As Carlton)

The Simpsons starring @Million (as Mr. Burns) (and @crucades as groundskeeper Willy)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles @LordWilliam1234 (as April)

The Ben Stiller Show starring @Orochizoolander


I nearly choked laughing at this.



Diff’rent Strokes starring @orochizoolander

Growing Pains starring @orochizoolander

Small Wonder starring @orochizoolander

Full House starring @orochizoolander (as, you guessed it… Michelle)




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