Rescued Arcade Cab Restoration or Modification

Here is what I have rescued:
Dynamo Police Trainer
Value $200

  • PCB
  • Control Panel
  • Monitor
  • Jamma
  • Light Shooter
  • Police Trainer
  • No Guns
    Could sell or restore and upgrade to a better Jamma shooter or multi game pcb
    Also a possible complicated conversion into a wii shooter cab.

Neo Geo MVS
Value $150

  • Control Panel
  • Monitor
  • No PCB
  • Monitor Harness
    Could restore and upgrade to a six game Neo Geo with shinny parts and paint and or sell.
    Possible complicated conversion into 360 or PS3/ Mame cab.

Atari Battlezone
Value $75

  • Cab
  • Art
  • Good condition
  • Empty
    Probably going to sell

I get that they are ugly and the values might be incorrect. I would adjust or part out according to the buyers interests. But this is not a for sale discussion it is a help me I am a noob thread.

What I would like to do is turn the BattleZone into a Super Taito Mega Vewlix Monster (or anything with a Taito Type X² board) with SSF4! Run some cool 4 button games out of the Neo Geo: KOF13, TvC, BBCS. And turn the Dynamo into a “2 SPICY” light gun cab!

So here is where your input is vital I am not going to be able to afford those crazy irrational ideas above but I would like to get as close as possible. I have some time on my hands and a few more feasible options restore, convert, or sell. What would you do, where would you start?

I would start on the Neo-Geo machine first. As it is the one with most of the original parts still.

What I would do with is gut it out so that the cabinet is bare. carefully to store the parts.

Clean her out, and give her a nice fresh coat of paint trying to stay with the original theme.

Then go and get some replica marquee and possibly some new buttons if the ones on there are not all grimey and gross.

That should be a good start.

You have a lot of work to do. But once u repait it, it will look fresh.

I agree that the neogeo is the cab with the most potential so thats where I started.

She is not pretty but she is cleaner. You’d play with her.

Not sure what parts I need for the neo geo or where to find them. I was on the but am still a bit new to the MVS machine and the forum.

The dynmo is not finished but showing signs of progress.