Rese Jan 14th Results (Charlotte NC)

Thanks to everyone that came out and made it a great tournament. I had 75 entrants and estimated about 90 people total there.

Coming soon I am going to be doing some more big things. Stay tuned for the announcements on the FB group and the NC SRK thread.

Now for the results…

Marvel had 37 entrants:

1: ATL_Raccoon
2: Jon Slayton
3: GGC Ice
4: GGC Seph
5: ReSe Jupiterman
5: GTR
7: Purple Jesus
7: Zeo Hawk
9: Sneak
9: ReSe ICT
9: Yohan
9: ReSe Schixofrenic
13: Moophobia
13: Capt. Tea Bag
13: Bobbie Fiasco
13: Chris Carter
17: FR Druseph
17: GGC Grief
17: Heavy Weight
17: Pacstrif
17: ReSe Gekido
17: David Miller
17: Conrizzle
17: Priest
25: MTP
25: Prototype
25: Alphamancer
25: BFP Big V From NC
25: ReSe Toxic
25: Kombo
25: The Hurricain
25: DrakeG
33: Pokchop
33: Shiki
33: TestamentLOL
49: Mccent

AE had 27 entrants:

1: FR Druseph
2: Shin Phoenix
3: ReSe Tactiks
4: Ace Unlimited
5: Joel
5: Heavy Weight
7: ReSe Darklight
7: ReSe West
9: Roski
9: Game Wizard
9: Chris Carter
9: ABStyles
13: East
13: Alphamancer
13: Conrizzle
13: Jon Slayton
17: The Hurricain
17: Space Counter
17: HKN
17: ATL_Raccoon
17: Kisaku
17: Pokchop
17: DJB
17: Prototype
25: Karnage
25: Kill
25: Colombian Swag
25: ReSe Schixofrenic
25: David Miller
25: BFP Roxx

KOF XIII had 19:

1: HOC
2: Jon Slayton
3: Roski
4: ABStyles
5: ReSe Darklight
5: Game Wizard
7: Shiki
7: Blake and White
9: Priest
9: Demo
9: Norm the Storm
9: Common Sense
13: Mccent
13: Pacstrif
13: DJB
13: ReSe West
17: Kombo
17: TestamentLOL
17: David Miller

Blaz Blue had 11:

1: Urichinan
2: Lockhart
3: MTP
4: Layz
5: T Ryuga
5: Space Counter
7: Blake and White
7: Yohan
9: TestamentLOL
9: DJB
9: Situational Irony

Tekken had 9:

1: Clint the Beast
2: Pokchop
3: Doc Massacre
4: Ace Unlimited
5: Small Wonder
5: ReSe Tactiks
7: IQ
7: Irish Bear
9: TCO

MK had 10 :confused:

1: Clint the Beast
2: Joker
3: XHungxPappyx
4: Pokchop
5: iLLFaction
5: Quan
7: XHungxDaddyx
7: Faulcun
9: CrysisX
9: ReSe Tactiks

Thanks again everyone that made it out!!!

See you guys on the 11th of February!!!

wow great turnout… im going to try the make the next one. im in rocky mount… gonna need to catch a ride

that’s great man. Are you on FB at all? Most of us talk on there and you should be able to find a ride on there.

yeah its me ill Sim

Very cool!!

GGs to everyone I played. Nice job Heavyweight for destroying me in AE. KOF was a lot of fun. Finally met HOC after years of online haha. GS to our friends from the beach Roski and Stylez, hope the trip was worth it. GGs Jon and Javier. I will be training mostly in KOF until the next tourney.

Good job to all, you guys actually got me more motivated to learn KOF 13. Still have a long way to go, but it’s exciting to know we have so many solid NC players getting hardcore into the game. I really want to see NC dominate the country in another SNK game again.

D@ Tourney was BEAST, Yo. Good shit Tactiks. Yeah, was nice to finally Met ya West. LOL Good Games to everyone I Played, Yo. 1

Glad you had a good time!! Hope to see you at the next one, Feb 11th.

Oh no Question, Im there Bro.

Yo Tactiks. It’s BFP Bobbie Fiasco. Just for your records. But you had a gang of tournaments to manage so it’s cool. I don’t even know how you kept up with all those people lol.

That tournament was awesome just based off the atmosphere and players there. It was deep in there. I chose a very hype ReSe to enter my first one.

The bonus for me was my performance in Marvel. The ReSe debut of “Frank & The Stranges” went well. Glad I took the plunge.
And talking with skillful players about tech & meeting new people who are new to the scene like myself was really cool.

Alot of talent was present and I had a ball playing and watching! Will be a monthly participant!

Inspired and motivated.

Any footage up of the tournament?

Very cool Bobbie. Glad you had a good time bro. there was def a lot of hype matches going on, that’s for sure. I can’t wait till next month. It should be just as large if not bigger :wink:

See you then.

Bloodabeast. I don’t have any up yet. I am still working on catching up in school. There is a recording that is up on my twitch channel. You can check out what I was able to stream. Man that sucked too cause I just got the equipment and everything, lol. I will have what I encoded up on youtube this week hopefully. I am going to test out some wireless options for data so I will encode it then.

Glad as always to come out and hang with everyone. GGs to all that I played in UMVC3, it was a blast getting to see everyone’s new teams and play against the old ones, as well.

So glad ATL finally rode with me and drove cars of their own to bring our asses out to NC. Hope to see everyone the 11th next month!

(Also, don’t forget about ATL Revival on January 28th!)

Hell yeah we will be there for revival!!!