Research: Behavioural Studies and Gamers - Input requested!

Members of SRK,

I am looking to conduct some research regarding behaviourism, gamers, competitive play, and arcade environments, and I need your help!

Before I can conduct my research, I need to find places with respectable levels of participation in competitive gaming, as well as tournament frequency and arcade activity.

If you live in a location where these events take place on a regular basis with good attendance, I would appreciate it if you could let me know, along with the average levels of participation in straight up gaming, competitive gaming (fighters and beyond), and arcade attendance.

Thank you all in advance, my research appreciates it!

Wait why do you need this?

Thesis research for a masters degree. I want to study the evolution of gaming technology and how it has affected the more social aspects of gaming, particularly tournament attendance and arcade attendance. In order get the data I need, I need to find geographical locations that have an active gamer base so that I can then go and conduct actual survey research, but I need to know where to go first :slight_smile:

Check the tournament subforum of SRK…you’ll see it on the forums frontpage.

Excellent, thank you!

Anthro/Soc/ Psych? What kind of research is it?

Consumer Behavorial Trends, within the Video game industry.
I want to really dig in to the relationship between the availability of home consoles, arcade activity, the video game industry economy, and the social needs of gamers, and see how they all play into the market shift from arcade to attendance to home play.

When you finish this please come back with your full report.

Sunnyvale Golfland “SVGL”, Sunnyvale, CA. This place is well known in general as a top place to play fighting games. There are only a few other places in the entire USA that would match the general level of competition found here.

With the release of Street Fighter 4 there was an arcade release here. You might be able to find some info about people who never went to a tournament, but played online and tried to come out and play casuals or tournaments. I’m not part of the SSF4 community, but when I did play tekken, it was right behind me. For the most part it is expensive to play at the arcade, but it is a public place to meet random people you’ve never met, and thus it is relatively safe. Also, the arcade is generally limited to two players at a time, so everyone is watching and/or conversing about the game in between. This can become fairly social as people will start talking about topics outside of the game.

Online is online. It’s generally anonymous unless people choose to play their friends, and then it is tough to meet new players. The anonymity of online results in varied responses ranging from angry messages to absolute silence. Most people just shrug it off or use it for a laugh when someone gets angry at them.