Research for a Planeteers Game

Hey I was wondering if someone here could help me with something. I’ve been developing an idea for a modern Captain Planet Game for a few months now and I got distracted by some things recently. Back on track now I’m trying to gather some information for the multiplayer segment of my game. I’ve been looking on youtube and other places to try and find videos for research. Heard there were comics of this too, but I could find a couple of them that weren’t related to what I was trying to find. My question here is does anyone here know what Looten Plunder’s deforestation ring exactly does? For a reminder this ring was introduced in the episode where Dr. Blight made evil counterparts of the planeteers rings.


I thought this would be about a Live-Action Captain Movie…

there are two ways this could work…a rated E and a Rated T…possible M but more than likely the first two

rated E could work as using your powers to help the enviroment all kid like and shit

rated T could be a scrolling beat em up with supers and what not

rated M could be your hardcore profanity “well it was in my way so I had to take it down fight everyone” type game porn easter egg rock metal type game…

But I had the word game in the title.

I couldn’t find anything about that ring either, and can’t remember exactly what it did… But I did find out that Phil Collins wrote the opening theme for it. Wtf?

Deforestation: is the clearance of forests by logging and/or burning (popularly known as slash and burn). I’m going to take a guess and say that I don’t think his ring can make french toast. I tried to search the interwebs but no luck…sorry.

Wikipedia said his ring counters earth. but what the fuck counters earth? maybe he can uproot trees?

Looks like I’ll just have to make something up. Kwame could probably uproot trees too with Earth. I’ll have to be creative with a power that supposedly gets rid of trees, but no explanation as to how. Maybe it releases razor sharp blades of energy?

He was the only I had left to do, ohh wait I forgot about Commando Clash, but he’ll be easy just basically an underpowered version on Cap.

If you know what the other rings did just look at how they countered their good counterparts and that should “narrow” the scope of what Looten can do.

The Deforestation ring is the evil opposite of the Earth ring, so I’m guessing it kills the land and creates barren wasteland.

Make it up, dude. They never showed it in action. Make trees fall, blow them into atoms and leave behind a gently hilled area suitable for golf, blast them into neatly chopped logs, whatever.

Did you do this?