Resests and what not

any good storm resets… possibly with psy assist. corner or not, doesnt matter.


Yeah there’s a bunch of em.

wow tha helped…

here is one for staters.

get your oponent in the corner. Launch, hk, dash down Hk, land, lk, MP, HP, pause, call psylocke, HK grab, pysylick hits, counching lk, launch into whatever you want.

that combo resets. You can do the same thing with sentinel drones except for the drons u need the HP grab not the HK one.

Random reset I found the other week.

Chain to c.RK launcher, SJ Short, air dash towards, SJ short (now on other side, so the 2nd short resets) blah blah lighting attack xx super xx whatever. Does about the same damage as the SJ RK, air dash sk (legit) blah blah lightning attack xx lightning storm combo, but whatever.

Anyway, oldest Storm reset is probably Launch, sj jab, short, strong, forward, air dash down-towards, Lightning Attack up-towards xx Lightning Storm.

Random one is when u launch you can do the following …

+Follow up, lp, lk, ad d, jab (to land quickly), dash over, launch again

+la across xx ls for crossover

+(with sent Y-assist) Launch + assist, followup, ad df j.HP (to land), S.HP + assist hits, S. HK followup into whatever

These are ones i can think of.

here is a more advance reset (since people are scared to post resets that aren’t a year old)

launch, lp, lk, fp, land, la (which hits on the other side) into ls, harder than it looks,, s.rh, tri jump lk, dash to the other side ASAP and launch,, s.rh, pause, la (hits other side), ls

there r some w/out assists