Reset combo help

Okay, so if I am right the reset combo is cmp,lhk then clp? Well I don’t understand the timing, I just can’t get it down because sometimes I land the clp, but then the rest of the time I am too late. Is there a trick you guys use for the timing or something? I’d really like to learn this, it looks like if you learn resets, you can do way bigger combos.

Im confused. There are a lot of situations where you can apply resets but you don’t stop a combo to do a reset LOL. So for example a lot of people opt for after the crouching anything xx lk.tastumaki, you can then do cr.lp/ or you can do Then after you can jump and cross up/not cross up/dive kick or in the corner dash to other side etc. You should watch Poongko do some of these. Does that help?

the resets I found : <br>after LK tatsu : <br>crouch MP(no cancel) EX axe kick(avoid with back dash/reversal/block high)<br>crouch MP then ->MK~Karasuper (inputs : forward(MK+LP)x2 down-forward+(LK+HP))<br>stand HPxxShakunetsu Hado HP (probably a 1frame link for the HP), beats back dashes and jumps, chip on block, lose to reversals.<br>in corner : cr.MP , dash forward , cross under-> mixup /super<br>cr.MP , jump mk /dive kick<br><br><br>after MK axe kick , just link something and cancel it with  EX Axe kick, or just do a throw, but it’s very risky<br>