Reset Games SSF4 Tournament - Bellingham, WA and/or Marysville, WA (7/18/2010)

Hey, so a retailer local to Northwest Washington is having a SSF4 tournament. Thought you all might like to know.

If you can make it up to Bellingham, you’ll even get to meet ghrog! :smiley:

Reset Games Super Street Fighter IV Tournament - Sunday July 18th @ 7:00PM. Sign up in-store at! (bottom of the page)

Hope to see you there!

LOCATION: Bellingham and Tulalip Reset Games locations.

ENTRY: FREE entry for everyone! Sign up online today!

PRIZE: 1st Place: $30 Reset Games Gift Card or Street Fighter IV official fight pad of your choice, 2nd Place $10 Reset Games Gift Card.

killer :]

no cash!? oh noez, idt anyone will llike that :frowning:

Well, considering entry is free, it’s better than nothing.

This might chase away the future though heh.

could use that towards my tiger woods 2011 purchase…but an hour and a half away? We’ll see what’s up.

Hmmm, so I could go to the Bellingham tournament, win money for red dead then party. Or I could save a little gas and go to the marysville tournament, win money for read dead and go home. Hmmm, the options. :wonder:

From your place Frank, it wouldn’t be an hour and a half. But with the way you drive, it’d be 2 hours.

This is true. But then again I just realized that they are having 2 touranments…i was looking at the bellingham one…not the marysville one.

Frank, let’s devise a plan and take over like the gamestop tournaments. Divide and conquer. :badboy:

Wait, you’re a bellingham SFIV player? Were you at the last Reset tournament? I’m up there for games at least once a week with a few friends.

I wasn’t at the last Reset tournament, I didn’t hear about it until it was too late. I’m more of a PC gamer than I am consoler, but a friend enticed me into picking up SF4. Hell, I even played SF4 on PC.

Let me know next time you swing by Reset, I’ll get some friends to come along. We’re all pretty bad, but we enjoy playing. I want to test out Janio anyway >:}

Having it in Marysville would increase my chances of going to the tournament by 200%

They’re having two tournaments! One in Marysville & one in Bellingham!

Ah. Well, I should be up there sometime this coming week. I wanted to trade a few things in (once I finish Mass Effect 2, at least).

If you’ve got an IM contact or something, it’d probably be better. I’m flaky on the forums at best.

Reset Games is one exit north on I5 from where I live in Marysville, awesome to have something in my neck of the woods.

Monkey farm? :o

Yep, that’s the place… Ugh…

Haha, what’s up Mike. How’ve ya been? (It’s Jared in case you didn’t know)

Yeah, the monkey farm comment narrowed down the list of possibilities in a hurry : )

I’m doing OK for the most part. Work sucks, but that’s par for the course. Then I go home and get my ass beat on XBL, which is also par for the course (Though at least I’m better than I was at that tournament at your place. That shit was just embarrasing. I’d still probably lose to everyone there, but at least I’d put up more of a fight. Heh heh.)