Reset versus Guarantee Damage



I like to have a open discussion and consideration when to either combo into a reset or just damage output.

because i watched 666’s vids of yang on youtube.
and he does rekkas into fadc into guarantee damage and also to push the opponent into the corner for more pressure.

but with my style, i always just go for jf.hp into a reset.

whats your guys consideration for midscreen or corner?
reset or damage?

example, does a characters health much of a consideration…
opponent is close to losing the match and you force a combo with damage.
or do you fool him with a reset into chances of a fresh combo damage?

i feel like yang is more of a tricksta and hard to maintain safe pressure in order to get any high damage.
whereas fei long is more simplified safe pressure and i feel like hes more consistent.
yang can always pull high risk wild cards at times. i guess meaning the combo back factor is higher for yang :stuck_out_tongue:


I almost always favor the garanteed damage and corner carry. I’d only reset if I’m behind, the other character doesn’t have a good reversal and/or I lose the neutral game and take a lot of damage getting in.


Sorry, vid reference.

Very true…
This video is just a high light and doesn’t show any fights against shotos or like sagat with a dp.
Sometimes, going into a reset into a overhead or tick command throw scares me against mashers.

i guess for those match up, garantee damage is always a given since safe pressure from a reset does not instantly apply to mashers or even grapplers. the rock, paper, scissor game is not worth eating the damage sometimes. unless you just reset for a neutral game.
but i dunno why you would do that… maybe to bait a masher lol.

i guess thats how it goes.
if the reset is worth the gamble or not.

but i feels awesome messing around with the opponent’s head with resets though… U.U
i guess corner lock down most important of yang’s game.


I remember following Ojisanboy as he was my favorite Yang player (now plays Abel in Ultra). He too would go for gauranteed damage + corner carry. Once he would have the opponent in the corner, he would start mixing things up with resets and stuff. Here’s a video of him:



i also believe in the guaranteed damage over the reset from FADCs

i save the close mk resets for if im trying to make a comeback.

i like other resets tho at any time im trying to ride momentum. slashes fadc into command grab on hit. longer light attack hit confirms into ex slash then command grab. you can do the ibuki command dash resets now too with far mp into light dash to cross up.

the mid combo grounded resets hit everyone the first time, but once they are aware that you like to reset, most of that stuff is easy to get out of with mashed jabs or neutral jumps. so when they get hit after that they start mashing jab or holding up


We can all agree that doing resets involves some level of risk, so you can never be 100% sure if it will work or not. But there are some ways you can tip the scales in your favor.

First consider your own ability to take a risk. If it doesn’t work will you be behind in life? Of course sometimes you will have no choice because you need a big risk to come back, so go by your own feeling for this.

Next, what tendencies has your opponent displayed before? Did they uppercut through your frame trap before? What about on wake up? If they e done it before, chances are they will do it during your mix-up, so go for guaranteed instead. Of course if they haven’t the opposite is true, so going for the reset might not be a bad idea.

Next, what have your past tendencies shown? Have you done a lot of mix-ups already? With each passing mix-up you become more susceptible to your opponent deciding to say “eff it” and uppercutting through the next one.
If you’ve done many mk ups already, this time maybe the guaranteed damage is better. Vice versa is also true of course.

I think these are truly the most important factors to think about before attempting a mix-up on your opponent.


I agree with your points but I think the little glitch thing he has tends to tip the guessing in your favor. I played against Danhiru at CEO and he kept up kicking with Gen whenever I put pressure on him, so when I finally landed that rekka fadc launcher, I glitched him and he tried something. He lost that game and promptly switched to Sakura.


Really? I have a lot more trouble vs gen with yang. Interesting to know one of the best prefers sakura


That surprises me too. I personally think Gen destroys Yang.


Maybe hero has really good upclose pressure, because otherwise gen shits on everything yang does from midrange.

Sakura has a load of 3 frame buttons, frame advtange after dp fadc…Dunno, maybe he actually hasn’t played much ultra gen


Always stay at the max range of his cr. strong. It’s their main go to button when trying to do hands. That and from that range, his jump is easily beaten. The sweep is still a threat but if you block it you can EX rekka it.

I beat his Sakura twice as well. I think she’s easier to fight than Gen.